MLS, Timbers, and Facebook "Likes"

Checking in on the Timbers’ website lately, I started noticing the amount of Facebook “Likes.”  I was curious whether the amount of “Likes” had any correlation to attendance, so I checked all the “Likes” for all the teams (boring Sunday).  Ironically, I’m not even on Facebook, but I think social media are interesting. 

I’m not sure if the amount of Facebook recognition is a cause of, or a result of attendance.  There are also a lot of other complicating factors: population, Facebook advertising (RSL jersey release), amount of time in the league, whether a team is in the US or Canada (maybe?), etc.

Just glancing at the list, it looks to me like there is a strong correlation.  I could have probably guessed 4 of the bottom 5 in the Facebook column, excluding the Whitecaps (you can’t really take anything from that number).  Houston and New England stick out to me as exceptions to the trend. 

                                                Facebook            Attendance

Seattle Sounders                    140,594 (1)          36,173   (1)

Philadelphia Union                  51,903   (2)          19,252   (4)

Red Bull New York                  49,424   (3)          18,441   (5)

Real Salt Lake                        42,269    (4)          17,095   (7)

LA Galaxy                               37,046    (5)          21,473   (2)

Chicago Fire                           32,557    (6)          15,814   (8)

Toronto FC                              27,746    (7)          20,453   (3)

New England Revolution        25,012    (8)          12,987   (13)

DC United                               24,915    (9)          14,532   (11)

Sporting Kansas City              24,479   (10)         10,287   (15)

Portland Timbers                    20,270   (11)          NA

Houston Dynamo                   16,063    (12)         17,310   (6)

Columbus Crew                     13,973    (13)         14,642   (9)

San Jose Earthquakes           13,049    (14)         9,659     (16)

FC Dallas                               12,808     (15)        10,815   (14)

Colorado Rapids                     11,887    (16)         13,329   (12)

Chivas USA                             6,920     (17)         14,574   (10)

Vancouver Whitecaps             5,399     (18)          NA

My conclusion: it looks to me like teams near the top have owners that care, and teams near the bottom have owner’s that tend to not care as much (excluding Vancouver).  Obviously, you can’t measure how much an owner cares, but that’s what it looks like to me.

Edit: the word "care" was a poor choice.  I guess I should have used "are active participants with their teams," or something similar.

What do you guys and girls think?  Useful number?  Did I just waste an hour for a completely useless list of nonsense?  Anyone know how to make a chart?

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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