Player Kit Numbers Released, Eddie Johnson Grabs #10

Well this certainly is interesting. Today, the Timbers FO released the exact roster list of who is signed and who is not as well as the numbers to coincide with each signed player. Now, typically, a "#10" is a creative playmaker in the midfield who will be driving the forward momentum for the team. Landon Donovan in LA and the USMNT, for example wears the coveted #10. It has no real power, but it's something the players, and fans see as a leader amongst the team, even if the #10 isn't the captain.

Our own FO, however, seems to be thinking something else in terms of kit numbers as Eddie Johnson, one of our D2-signed strikers who played for Austin last year, has been confirmed as wearing the #10 for the 2011 season. This is quite surprising because he's completely atypical of a normal #10 (as a forward and untested MLS striker).

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, however, I guess the season will tell if it was the right choice. I just hope Eddie understands that the #10 will be drawing eyes around the league. Your expected to perform with that number.

Here's the full list of signed players and numbers and non-signed players:

Kalif Alhassan 11 M 5-10 160 10/15/90 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Signed
Adin Brown 24 GK 6-5 230 05/27/78 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Signed
Eric Brunner 5 D 6-4 170 02/12/86 Columbus Crew Signed
Kenny Cooper 33 F 6-3 210 10/21/84 TSV 1860 Munich (Germany) Signed
Mamadou "Futty" Danso 98 D 6-3 185 04/27/83 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Signed
Bright Dike 9 F 6-1 220 02/02/87 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Signed
Kerrea Gilbert 4 D 5-9 155 02/28/87 Arsenal FC (England) Signed
Kevin Goldthwaite 2 D 6-1 180 12/09/82 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Signed
Jeremy Hall 17 M 5-11 165 09/11/88 New York Red Bulls Signed
David Horst 12 D 6-4 210 10/25/85 Real Salt Lake Signed
Eddie Johnson 10 F 5-11 185 09/20/84 Austin Aztex (USSF D-2) Signed
Peter Lowry 8 M 5-11 165 10/02/85 Chicago Fire Signed
James Marcelin 14 M 6-2 175 06/13/86 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Signed
Adam Moffat 16 M 6-0 175 05/15/86 Columbus Crew Signed
Darlington Nagbe 6 M/F 5-9 165 07/19/90 Univ. of Akron (NCAA) Generation adidas
Troy Perkins 1 GK 6-1 190 07/29/81 D.C. United Signed
Ryan Pore 23 M 5-11 165 09/23/83 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Signed
Steve Purdy 25 D 6-4 190 02/05/85 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Signed
Rodney Wallace 22 D 5-10 160 06/17/88 D.C. United


Alo Bärengrub  D 5-11 165 02/12/84 FK Bodø/Glimt (Norway) Non-roster
Freddie Braun M 5-10 160 05/13/88 Portland Timbers U-23s (PDL) Non-roster
Josh Cameron M 5-9 155 10/17/86 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Non-roster
Doug DeMartin F 6-0 170 07/04/86 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Non-roster
Andres Florés M/F 5-9 145 08/31/90 AD Isidro Metapán (El Salvador) Non-roster
Jake Gleeson GK 6-3 200 06/26/90 Portland Timbers U-23s (PDL) Non-roster
Ryan Guy F 5-7 160 09/05/85 St. Patrick's Athletic FC (Ireland) Non-roster
Quavas Kirk D 6-2 190 04/13/88 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Non-roster
Rodrigo López M 5-7 150 05/10/87 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Non-roster
Robby Lynch M 6-0 165 10/09/88 Univ. of Evansville (NCAA) Supp. Draft
Tony McManus M 5-9 165 09/22/80 Portland Timbers (USSF D-2) Non-roster
Taylor Mueller D 6-2 180 09/20/88 Univ. of Washington (NCAA) Supp. Draft
Raymundo Reza F 5-10 175 05/07/89 San Diego State (NCAA) Supp. Draft
Ian Sarachan M 5-6 140 05/10/88 Univ. of Illinois - Chicago (NCAA) Non-roster
Chris Taylor D 6-1 160 05/12/89 Univ. of Tulsa (NCAA) SuperDraft
Spencer Thompson F 5-11 170 10/19/88 Univ. of California-Irvine (NCAA) Supp. Draft
Brian Umony F 5-7 150 12/12/86 Univ. of Pretoria FC (South Africa) Non-roster

Some other kits worth noting:

  • Perkins grabbed the #1 basically letting us all know that he'll be the first keeper.
  • Ryan Pore, Steve Purdy, and Futty all have the same kit numbers as last year.

It's going to be interesting to see what Johnson does with that #10... if anything.

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