MLS Week 3 Power Rankings - Updated

Here is an average of various websites Week 3 Power Rankings.  The Timbers are very slowly working their way up to the #1 spot at a time...


Week 3 Rank Team Week 3 Week 2 Year Avg Wk/Yr Diff
1 RSL 1.00 1.00 1.08 0.08
2 Rapids 2.00 2.25 2.47 0.47
3 Galaxy 3.50 5.67 3.89 0.39
4 Red Bulls 4.00 3.08 3.39 -0.61
5 Union 5.92 4.83 6.14 0.22
6 Fire 6.50 6.92 8.03 1.53
7 Earthquakes 6.67 7.00 8.28 1.61
8 Sporting KC 8.67 9.50 8.22 -0.44
9 Revolution 9.25 8.50 9.94 0.69
10 Whitecaps 10.58 12.17 11.14 0.56
11 Crew 11.25 14.92 13.81 2.56
12 DC United 12.17 10.42 9.75 -2.42
13 Sounders FC 12.83 12.17 12.17 -0.67
14 FC Dallas 13.67 9.33 9.78 -3.89
15 Dynamo 14.00 13.50 13.56 -0.44
16 Toronto FC 14.67 15.33 15.94 1.28
17 Timbers 16.83 17.42 16.97 0.14
18 Chivas USA 17.50 17.00 16.56 -0.94


I put the weekly and yearly average to give a rough idea of trending.  If the difference between the yearly average and weekly average is positive that means the Team is getting a better ranking and in theory improving (or maybe just had a great week).  If the number is negative that means that the Team is getting a worse ranking and in theory getting worse.  The biggest positive difference of Week vs Year ranking is highlighted in green and biggest negative difference is in red.  For instance the Timbers Week 3 average is 16.83 and their yearly average is 16.97.  This shows that they only improved slightly (if at all) in the power rankings.  They are still just barely above last place.  Where as FC Dallas is plummeting.  Their week 3 average (13.67) is almost 4 full positions below their yearly average (9.78).

*I changed the way this is presented to make it more reader friendly...let me know what you think.

*Someone asked what the numbers meant, so a quick answer...The Timbers Week 3 number of 16.83 is the average of various websites.  They had a High Ranking of 16 and a Low Ranking of 18.  Between the various sites, they came out with an average of 16.83



Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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