Timbers Tid Bits: Apologies Edition

I hadn't originally planned on taking the day off yesterday from our usual link round up, but with all the news coming out about the trade I just never found the time until, well, it was time to do some real work. My apologies on not getting that done for you guys.

Today's link round up consists mostly of the trade happening yesterday and reviews of the West Brom friendly. I included one article that was written from some UK newspaper. They have some interesting ideas on our pre-match traditions.

Enjoy the morning news!

Timbers specific news

Portland Timbers chainsaw mascot's log-cutting goal celebration is health and safety nightmare
Funny article on our "traditions." You know like the way where we pass around a giant king of clubs card. What you don't remember how we all do that?

Spencer high on Nagbe after Timbers' loss to West Brom
He played great in the center there.

West Brom defeats Timbers 3-2
Gabriel Tamas scored a long-range stunner in the final minute to give West Bromwich Albion a 3-2 win over the Portland Timbers in a friendly on Wednesday.

Portland Timbers 2 West Brom 3: Tamas stunner earns Baggies second tour win
Gabriel Tamas' stunning long-range strike in the dying seconds earned West Bromwich Albion a 3-2 friendly win over the Portland Timbers.

Portland Timbers trade Adam Moffat for two defenders/midfielders
Timbers acquire veteran defensive help through trade with Houston.

League news (after the jump)

Man Unt. debt serves as cautionary tale for MLS
Very true. It's kind of scary to think about how much Manchester United is really in debt... well scary if you're a fan.

Hope Solo, Major League Soccer: Could the U.S. women's national team star make it in a men's league?
Short answer is 'no.'

What If? MLS contracts and Owen Hargreaves
We all laugh at Vancouver?

Goalkeeper Tim Howard discusses Hope Solo, U.S. women
U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard discussed his thoughts on watching Hope Solo and the U.S. team play in the Women's World Cup among other topics.

Real Salt Lake hires Vasquez to lead academy program
Solid coach. I always said Chivas sacked him too early.

Sutton back on familiar turf after Red Bulls loan goalkeeper to Impact
NYRB keeper Sutton is off to Montreal on loan... interesting.

MLS did beat EPL somewhere last night!
It wasn't all doom and gloom for Major League Soccer last night as the Union went head to head against Everton.

Bruce Arena says poor MLS showings against top teams don't bother him
That kind of bothers me. No matter what, I always expect the Timbers to win.

New stadium, new name, new attitude for MLS in KC
Anotehr article on the transformation SKC has gone through.

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