Portland Timbers at San Jose Earthquakes Reserve Match Player Analysis

I was able to catch the reserve match in San Jose this morning, and I decided to do a short write up.

Timbers: Bendik; Casal, Taylor, Purdy, Kawulok, Richards, Braun, Chabala - C, Renken, Rincon (Zizzo), Dike

Bendik - Extremely vocal and active. He played well, and had great control of the pitch

Casal - Seemed to be forcing it a little bit, but showed good strength and speed at times. He wasn't really able to get involved in the offense, except for one sliding shot he put on goal for an easy save.

Taylor - Workman like. Not much to report. He played well.

Purdy - I'm pretty sure I was standing next to his family. He did a good job winning balls in the air, and played aggressive in the second half once the Timbers were down a goal. He started moving into the attack in stoppage time, and he sent a few decent crosses in.

Kawulok - He was able to get into the attack at times, and he did a decent job tracking back. He spent a lot of his time yelling at Renken trying to get him into position. He probably would have had a better game if Renken was switched on.

Richards - He did a great job getting involved in the attack. He was making great runs, and beating San Jose's back line. He had a few shots, but San Jose was really crowding the box. He moved to forward midway through the second half when Zizzo came on for Rincon.

Braun - He looked off today. He missed a few passes, and constantly found himself under pressure. I'm not sure if San Jose way keying on him, or if he was just putting himself in bad positions.

Chabala - Not the best day. He did not appear comfortable playing as a central midfielder. I don't remember him making any real threatening passes, and he didn't do a great job on set pieces. He also missed an easy goal. He was visibly frustrated, and ended up getting a yellow late in the game. It appeared he was trying to light a fire under his teammates.

Renken - He looks the part, but he was not switched on today. He was drifting inside, missing his defensive markings, and really trying to push it. When other players were giving him direction (yelling at him) he seemed to disengage. He worked hard on the ball, but he needs to learn how to be a teammate.

Rincon - He was the one of the most exciting players on the field. He made great runs, and worked hard off the ball. He was very hungry, and played hard. He got shaken up before half time, and tried to gut it out in the second half. He ended up going down, and was unable to continue. Zizzo came in, and Richards moved to forward. I don't think it is anything too serious.

Dike - A quiet day from Dike. He worked hard, but was unable to get anything going. San Jose was playing him very physical, and he had a hard time winning balls in the air.

Zizzo - Highlight of the match. Zizzo came in wearing a brace on his left knee, but it didn't slow him down at all. He had no problem going into contact, and he was as fast as ever. A few times he was able to knock the ball forward around a defender, and still be the first one to the ball. I was really happy to see him play so aggressive. He also had great touch on the ball, and a good feel for the field. Excited to see how he can impact the first team later in the season.

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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