Portland Timbers vs. Sporting Kansas City Pre-Game Chat

Oh and did I mention that Cap'n Jack can hover now? (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

No preview interview this week, unfortunately, but it does give me the chance to try something a little different. As we all know already, we here at Stumptown Footy have a great community and a great match thread/post game thread for discussion about the game itself and what we thought of the game afterwards. Honestly, it's some of the best discussion ever. What we lack, however, is something that I think is equally as important: the pre-game discussion. As such... here we go!

Tomorrow the Portland Timbers will face off against Sporting Kansas City, arguably the best team in the league at the moment. Last year, the Timbers lost both at home and away against this very team and, unfortunately they look quite a bit stronger than last year. So, with that said, here are some pre-game discussion topics:

  1. What do you think of SKC's amazing run so far this season?
  2. Despite this record run, how important do you think it will be for the Timbers to score a home win tomorrow against them?
  3. Which players do you expect to stand out (either Timbers or SKC)?
  4. Scoreline prediction?

Of course, feel free to discuss other stuff as well.

As for myself? Well here are my answers:

First, I think it's quite astonishing what they've done and it gives me hope for our current Timbers squad as well. For those who don't remember, SKC had a terribly first 10 or so games last season but were ultimately able to turn it around to what they are today. Whether that run of form lasts for them or not, just the idea gives me a lot of hope. Also they went something like 335 minutes without a shot on target... very impressive and daunting.

Second, a win against SKC could launch the Timbers on their much needed win streak. They're currently best in the league and have done some amazing things against teams like Real Salt Lake. So a win at home, while always important regardless, could really set the push the Timbers into the overdrive they need to really win in this league.

Third, Kris Boyd. Every game we've seen him turn a little more on and with each game he gets a little sharper. His goal last week and his non-goal which should have been a goal were phenomenal. I think he's proven that he has a knack for scoring, he just needs to get into the system that the Timbers play. Hopefully we see a bit more of that tomorrow night because, well, it's really something special.

I don't personally do scoreline predictions. I might be a little superstitious in that manner, but I prefer to just let the game play out.

How about yourself?

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