Why this is the tightest and most wild season in MLS history

Yes, the Timbers are top in the Western Conference after 34 matches. That's awesome. The Portland Timbers have certainly added some impressive stats to the club and MLS record books. But looking across the rest of the league there were even more massive additions and changes to that same record book. For instance, San Jose had the best home record in MLS (tied with the Timbers BTW) but failed to make the playoffs. Has Never Happened. No team in SS pole position with five matches to go has ever dropped below second overall. Sounderfreude OR Three-WC-teams-in-striking-distance.

Through the work of industrious MLS fans (and henryo at BigSoccer) a list of MLS statistics have been compiled. Digest and enjoy.

"New Records set in MLS 2013 Regular Season":

1. Most # of Blowout Combs (win by 4+goals) in a season (14)
-Previous Record: 13 in 2001.

2. Smallest Gap from Team #1 to #16 in SS Standings (59-41= 18 points)
-Previous Record: (66-35=) 31 in 2012.

3. Smallest Gap from Team #1-#12 in SS Standings (59-49 = 10 points)
-Matched current record of 10 in 2009.

4. Smallest Gap between Playoffs Elimination & SS Winners (59-51 = 8 points)
-Previous Record: (49-40=) 9 in 2009 (CLB@49 vs COL/DC@40)

5. Smallest Gap between Playoffs Elimination & Conference Winners (POR@57 - S.J.@51 = 6 points)
- Previous Record: (48-40=) 8 in 2009 (L.A.@48 vs COL@40)

6. 1st time the SS Lead has switched hands 3x in the Final Week. (10/23 RSL, 10/26 KC, 10/27 NYRB)
- Previous Record: 2x in 2004 (KC then CLB on 10/16).

7. 1st time the SS Race has involve 4 teams in the Final Week.
- Previous Record: 3 teams in 2000 (KC 56 points, Chicago 54 points, NYRB 54 points heading into Final Day).

8. 1st time both Conference saw teams eliminated from playoffs by Tie Breakers (East: Chicago, West: S.J.).
- Previous Record: Only 1 Conference in 2004 (N.E. eliminated Chicago), 09 (RSL eliminated Colorado).

9. 1st time 4 teams finished with the same points in the SS Standings (51 points by N.E., COL., Hou. & S.J.).
- Previous Record: 3 teams in 2005 (45pts), 06 (39pts), 09 (40pts), 12(57pts).

10. Seattle were Winless in Final 7 games, but still made the playoffs.
- Previous Record: RSL winless in final 6 of 2011.

11. S.J. were Unbeaten in Final 7 games, yet still missed the playoffs.
- Previous Record: IIRC, 2 games by a number of teams, including Colorado 2012, Houston 2010, etc...

12. Seattle's record collapse as SS Leaders 5 rounds before the end (6th/19 overall & 4th/9 in conference).
- Previous Record: S.J. of 2002, at least 2nd/10 overall and 2nd/5 in conference.

13. Dallas missed the playoffs despite being SS Leaders by Round 13 (new record). Montreal almost extended the record to Round 24.
- Previous Record: Round 6 by K.C. in 2006.

14. D.C. United setting several new records for:​

  • Least Wins (3. Previous Record = 4 by 2001 Tampa Bay),
  • Least Goals per Game (22/34=0.64. Previous Record = 21/30 = 0.7 by 2010 D.C.),
  • Most Losses in Regular Time (24. Previous Record = 22 by RSL & Chivas in 2005) and
  • Worst Goal Difference (-37, co-share with 2013 Chivas. Previous Record = -36 by 2001 Tampa Bay).
  • ***DCU's leading goal scorer was Own Goal*** [I, Kejsare, added this one]


And talking about futility and misery, there is this:

If you add DC United and Chivas's point totals together, they still would only be 16th overall, 8th in the east, or 9th (yes, still) in the west.

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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