Conference Semi-Finals Player Ratings

Steve Dykes

The player ratings from the Conference Semifinals as well as the Chivas USA game.

After all the effort the community has put in to these player ratings I have to say I have done a crappy job on my end. Sorry all.

Chivas USA

Donovan Ricketts 7.1
Futty Danso 7.5
Michael Harrington 7.3
Pa Madou Kah 7.4
Jack Jewsbury 7.2
Will Johnson 8.0
Diego Chara 7.8
Rodney Wallace 7.7
Darlington Nagbe 7.6
Diego Valeri 9.6
Jose Valencia 6.8
Kalif Alhassan 6.7
Ryan Johnson 6.8
Ben Zemanksi 6.1

Conference Semifinals

The first number is the average of the two legs while the two numbers are the first and then second leg ratings.

Donovan Ricketts - 7.39 (7.9)(6.88)

Ryan-  It may not have seemed like Ricketts was called on to do a lot in this series but he was essential to the win. He had great positioning and had one huge save on a free kick that ensured Portland stayed in the driver's seat. His celebration with his two center backs after Futty scored says everything about the chemistry between those three.

Futty Danso 6.5 (7.3)(5.6)

Will- Futty was clearly on his game against Seattle in both legs. None of the current Timbers have the history that Futty does in facing the Sounders, and he showed how much that meant to him in the second leg when he marched up to the penalty spot to try to put the Sounders down by two goals on aggregate. He may not have gotten to take the penalty, but he got on the score-sheet none the less, with the series sealing goal in the 46'.

Michael Harrington - 6.5 (7.1)(5.9)

Ryan - Chara and Mikey Mo Money have to be the two most consistent field players for the Portland Timbers. With Jewsbury playing well on the right side offensively Harrington had a more defensive role this series and he was able to shut down his side for most of the two games.

Pa Madou Kah- 6.75 (7.5)(6)

Stacey- While the Sounders had set piece after set piece after set piece in Seattle, Kah was throwing himself at those free kicks and corners like his life depended on it, really helping to limit the Sounders to few actually dangerous chances. The defense obviously had a couple slip-ups back in Portland, but Kah and the rest of the back line did a great job holding off Seattle for the first 60 or so minutes of the fame, while the rest of the team pushed forward in an (ultimately successful) attempt to take a commanding lead.

Jack Jewsbury- 7.35 (8.3)(6.4)

Stacey - Jewsbury was solid on the back line in both games, but Leg 1 may have been his best game all season. He was extra active on the attack, getting the cross in ro Ryan Johnson for the first goal and helping open things up for Nagbe's goal with a great run that Seattle couldn't afford to ignore after his first-half assist.

Will Johnson- 7 (7)(7)

Will - Johnson showed just why he is the Timbers' captain with his performances against the Sounders. He may have scored the opening goal in the second leg, but it was his defensive effort and coolness in possession that kept the Timbers held together even when they took the foot off the gas for the final twenty minutes of each match.

Diego Chara - 7.05 (7.4)(6.7)

Ryan - You can always count on Chara. His battles in the midfield effectively neutered Seattle's honey badger's offense and helped keep the $8 million dollar man under wraps for most of the series.

Rodney Wallace(6.5)(5.9)

Will - In two games against the Sounders, Wallace racked up two assists and pushed the game forward while providing a good defensive presence on the left for the Timbers. While Wallace has yet to return to his preseason form, the Timbers would certainly be happy to have him put in shifts like this every match.

Darlington Nagbe 7.8 (8.3)(7.3)

Ryan - He is quietly becoming one of the best players on the Timbers' roster. His control of the ball and off the ball movement were surgeon like in the fact that he sliced and diced Seattle.

Diego Valeri 6.35 (6.4)(6.3)

Stacey - Still clearly dealing with an injury, Valeri was quiet in both matches but still helped keep things moving on the attack. In the second leg in particular, he played a big part in a period of the game where the Timbers seemed to be winning every ball and really keeping the pressure on Seattle in their defensive end. The goal he scored didn't suck either.

Ryan Johnson 6.75 (7.6)(5.9)

Ryan - A lot had been said about RJ but Caleb Porter showed a lot of trust in him and it paid off. His opening goal set the tone for the whole series and Portland did not look back. He held the ball up nicely and it allowed Portland to dismantle a back line that had trouble moving side to side.

Kalif Alhassan 5.85 (6.)(5.7)

Will - Kalif stepped in for the Timbers very early in each game and proved, once again, to be excellent at holding up the ball and maintaining possession. However, he often seemed to be well out of position against the Sounders, particularly as they drove forward in the desperate second half at Jeld-Wen. Kalif's game could benefit from a run-out in the middle of the pitch, but with Darlington Nagbe and Diego Valeri already there he will always bee the third choice.

Ben Zemanski 5.15 (5.5)(4.8)

Stacey - I get genuine enjoyment out of watching Zemanski fight off two or three guys in the corner as the clock ticks down the final minutes, which he did with great skill in leg two. Truly though, Zemanski did not have much of an impact as a sub in either game, though in Seattle he did complete 100% of his seven passes.

Maximiliano Urruti 4.8 (N/A)(4.8)

Stacey - Urruti only made an appearance in the second leg, where he was frankly a rather disappointing substitution. Maybe he's still not 100% after his hamstring injury, but he wasn't putting the back line under pressure the way he usually.

Jose Valencia 5.6 (5.6)(N/A)

Ryan - A pretty short appearance in the first leg and not a whole lot to complain nor rejoice about.

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