Blatant (idea)Copy of Dan Brunell's FanShot

Earlier in the year when Dempsey happened, and it was getting annoying seeing the FO not make any 'new' moves, other than locking up the best offensively-gifted midfielder in the league, someone said something about a Thomas/Tomas in Europe and that it fell through. Immediately, I went full "no life" mode and found a few guys who I thought fit the bill on what we felt the squad needed. Feel free to check that out, although, when looking back on the search I did, I just found a guy named Tomas Rincon, who(you can see this at the bottom of the "Tomas" link) was rumored to have been shopped or was looking around, around the time that all of that nonsense started to happen, so that is some retroactive rumor starting.

But, I was familiar with doing research online and finding fits based off of speculation, and after reading Dan's comprehensive review, which was awesome, I figured I would do one, based on my personal thoughts, for defenders.

This is, by no means, trying to act as though I know South American soccer as well as Dan/others, or even at all, but this was just entering a search with certain criteria based off of GW comments and current team makeup, and where it could go. I will not editorialize on these possibilities, since I do not watch them, I refuse to comment, that would imply me knowing what the hell I am talking about. Also, let me preface this with this list:

I AM AN IDIOT. Please do not take me as intelligent in this field, I think I am somewhat competent at hitting a few buttons and pressing 'search'. But this is not meant to be "these guys will be the guys!!!" its more of a "these guys fit the mold I feel has been established through context and MP tweets, but holy sh*t, can you imagine if I got one of these right??? squirrel, meet nut."

so with that out of the way:

Vilson - CB - 24 - Palmeiras - Brazilian 2nd Division - $1.1M

Nicolas Sanchez - CB - 27 - Godoy Cruz - Argentina 1st Division - $1.8M

Breyner Bonilla - CB - 27- Tolima - Colombia 1st Division - $730K (former team of Chara and same Agency as Valeri)

Matias Caruzzo - CB - 29 - Boca Juniors - Brazil 1st Division - $860K(Argentine with same Agency as Valeri)

Rhodolfo - CB - 27 - Gremio - Brazil 1st Division - $4.8M - Only reason I include him is he is out of contract Jan 1*, otherwise too expensive

Digão - CB - 25 - Fluminese - Brazil 1st Division - $1.8M - Also out of contract Jan 1*. Also a bit steep of a price

*I have just assumed when a player goes out of contract, it is a free transfer correct? Thus, my reasoning of only being able to afford those guys without a transfer.

Dan, if you care to add any notes or editorialize about any of these guys, go ahead. I just threw names out there, and if anyone else cares to critique, add anything, or just say how awesome these guys' names are, go for it! This was just me having fun and starting a conversation. Let's hope PTFC can sign some good ones soon! RCTID!

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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