Off-season distractions: Comment/Post Volume & Join Date

If you're old enough like me to have experienced the excruciating pain of dial-up internet on a 26.6k baud modem that cut out once your mom answered the phone, you would remember chat rooms! Oh, chat rooms. You were cool once. A chat-ee would pop in and write "a/s/l"[1] instinctively to just get the conversation started even though they had no idea how many times that had been asked in recent chat history. Twenty other cacophonous comments would be talking among themselves publicly and then one-on-one privately if you happened the venture that far. Chat rooms died when AOL died, or, the first day my family installed cable internet. Now that I've caught your attention about my proto-internet days, I'm going to ask something else.


I would like to know from the Stumptown Footy nation[2] five things:

  1. Number of Comments on Stumptown Footy
  2. Number of Comments on SB Nation
  3. Stumptown Footy Join Date
  4. Number of FanPosts on Stumptown Footy
  5. Number of FanShots on Stumptown Footy

Not all links comments are alike

If you don't know how to check these numbers and dates. I will explain it to you now. First, scroll to the top of the page and find your username. Click on it. The page you come to will list the number of comments and posts (FanPosts and FanShots combined) on SB Nation and the day you joined as a member of SB Nation. Second, to find the Stumptown Footy specific numbers and dates, scroll down to view your blog memberships. It will show your "favorite" ones first, with a tab to see all your memberships. Sites you set as favorite will show the number of newly posted articles next to the "My SB Nation" link, non-favorited ones do not. It will show your Stumptown Footy join date, number of comments made on the site, FanPosts, and FanShots. As a tip, you can search the user's entire activity by using the search bar just above their most recent comments.

I'll get this started.

  1. 5,553 on SF
  2. 5,681 on SBN
  3. Dec 21, 2010
  4. 24 FanPosts
  5. 167 FanShots

Analysis - Click the embedded link above, I promise it wont hurt ...... your eyes that badly

As you can see I've focused on Stumptown Footy almost exclusively even though I'm a member of six SB Nation blogs. I believe I joined this site less than a week after it was created. At the end of 2011 I'm very confident I had the largest number of comments on Stumptown Footy. My prolific commenting days are behind me because Marine Corps duty took the place of sitting at a desk in law school not paying attention to the professor. Surely someone has taken my place as top commenter (besides SF writer, Ryan). Yet, I do comment a lot on all the game match threads because I cannot attend home matches and they usually occur at night when I can follow. I may also hold the record for FanShots.

I even filled in for a post game report once ... in preseason ... before the first inaugural MLS match. March 5, 2011:

Pore-Umony-Johnson combination was deadly in the first half.

Yup. I wrote that.

And if you are lying, we'll know because your profiles are public. Generally if I see a name I don't recognize I will check the profile. Newbs are always welcome.

Enough about me, I'm curious about you!


[1] "a/s/l" being number of years obtained in life, followed by the particular combination of X or Y chromosomes, and geographic situs.

[2] Are we a nation of fans yet? There are a couple thousand unique hits on this site every day.

Belated Anniversary

Stumptown Footy quietly passed the three year mark recently. All hail Stumptown Footy! Party like it's 1996!

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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