Stumptown Footy Fantasy League Update


A look at the standings and other important information for our Fantasy League

When 10 is the highest total a player gets during a given week you know most of the scores will be down and that was the case this week. The high was 88 points and the average for all players was 49 points and because of these low points we have some changes atop our leader boards. Before we get to the league results let's review the important information.

  • All changes need to be completed by March 23rd at 12:15 PM
  • There are WCQ games this weekend and a lot of players may be unavailable
  • The Portland Timbers, Toronto FC and Philadelphia Union all have byes this week

Classic League

The current overall leader in the classic league is FC Acorns and that team is also the overall leader for the all entries in MLS Fantasy Leagues!

1 FC Acorns 69 232
2 Bridgetown FC 65 219
3 MyMlsMisfits 65 216
4 Go Kitties 69 212
5 PAPERS FC 63 212
6 SLC PTFC FTW 72 207
7 Akron Grad School 61 204
8 Mlspdx227 62 203
9 Giraffes 59 197
10 Donks 50 197

Head to Head League

The head to head league had some changes at the top, with 33 unbeaten teams last week dwindling down to 19 this week. The current top ten looks like this:

1 Bridgetown FC 3 0 0 219 9
2 MyMlsMisfits 3 0 0 216 9
3 PAPERS FC 3 0 0 212 9
3 Go Kitties 3 0 0 212 9
5 Csabagyongye SC 3 0 0 208 9
6 Donks 3 0 0 197 9
6 Giraffes 3 0 0 197 9
8 Diego Johnson 3 0 0 194 9
9 TPFC 3 0 0 193 9
9 The Field Fairies 3 0 0 193 9


Here are some other interesting stats concerning our league and Portland Timber fans in general:

  • SF's Classic league is currently the 4th best league averaging 218.2 among the top 5 managers and trail SBI's league, Extra Time Radio and Reddit's league. (We are two places above Sounder at Heart)
  • Portland Timbers fans are the 7th best fan base with an average score of 138.1 points
  • We currently have 238 teams in our classic league
  • We currently have 156 teams in our head to head league
Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint so if you had some rough weeks like I did you will bounce back at some point.
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