Player Ratings: PTFC v. NYRB (my opinion)

Great comeback in the second half by the boys to get a point. Porter's style and the players we acquired to play that way is a breath of fresh air in the Rose City.


D. Ricketts: Misplayed balls, slow reactions, two good saves at end of game – D

R. Miller: Great runs, solid marking, good energy – B+

M. Harrington: If not for Valeri & Nagbe would have been Man of the Match, great runs, great distribution, high energy – A

M. Silvestre: His first half was horrific, totally responsible for two goals, looked like he wasn’t in sync with AJB, second half was markedly better, hopefully it was just jet lag – D-

A. Jean-Baptise: Lost his mark regularly, hussled back to clear balls when Silvestre had lapses, must work on passing (head and feet), won a lot of balls in the air – D

W. Johnson: We finally have a real captain, on the field general, kept team organized, good vision and passing, had two really good chances on goal that the keeper had to make great saves – A

D. Chara: I wish he was 4” taller and 25lbs. heavier, plays bigger than his stature, solid on defense, good control – B+

D. Valeri: Man of the Match, we finally have a DP that we are going to get what we paid for, controlled the attack, aggressive, one of the most beautiful individual effort goals in PTFC (MLS) history – A+

R. Johnson: Only if the bicycle kick was on target, great movement off the ball finding holes in the defense, solid in the air and high energy – A-

K. Alhassan: Solid, passing was hot and cold, worked well with Miller on the right, disappeared at times – B

D. Nagbe: Needed that kick in the butt from Porter at the half, super high energy, great individual work to get free from defenders (1on1), aggressive in attacking defense, good touch and work with Harrington on left, would have been Man of the Match if not for Valeri – A

J.A. Valencia: Played 18 minutes, 15 of which were exciting, looked a bit nervous at the start of his shift, shot of energy at the end of the match, great shot at the end of the game resulting in tying OG – B+

R. Wallace: The only personnel error Caleb made, can’t play as a center midfielder, looked horribly lost, luckily team didn’t need him – F

S. Zizzo: Solid as usual off the bench, made good runs, high energy – B

C. Porter: Welcome to Porterland PTFC fans, kicked the team in the butt at the half, believed and made the team believe they could come back from 1-3 to win the game, why Wallace and not Zemanski or Nanchoff?, finally an exciting brand of football in PDX – A

Extra---(Referee) Jair Marrufo: what the hell did we do to the MLS to have them give us refs who can’t do the job, missed numerous calls, had no control of the game, didn’t award any cards when it was deserved, horrible positioning and got in the way of the attack numerous times - F

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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