MLS Fantasy Discussion Week 6

Last week's post (found here) didn't get a lot of action, but I'll give it a couple of more weeks before I shut this down.

Anyway going over my picks, let's see how I did:

Darren Mattocks (@CHV) - 2 points. Still not a lot of action for Mattocks this year. I thought with the improved midfield, he'd start to really produce (and his own claims of 20 goals a year as well...). He's so expensive that I can't see that keeping him is a good idea.
Chris Wondolowski (v. HOU) - 1 point. At least with Wondo, you know he'll take whatever PKs there are to take. But until he gets a reliable partner up front, he's probably not worth it to have with his price tag.
*Bargain option: DeShorn Brown (v. POR) - 2 points. He had some good chances again the Timbers, but failed to convert any of them. As cheap as he still is, I would stick with him.

I just failed miserably with my forwards picks. I would defend myself by saying that forwards are generally the toughest to get right because they either score a goal or get an assist or they get nothing. With defenders and midfielders there are a lot more points to be had to prop up a scoreless week.

*David Ferriera (@NE) - 6 points. Grabbed an assist to salvage an okay fantasy week for him. He also picked up a yellow that didn't help matters.
Edgar Mejia (v. VAN) - 4 points. Got an extra 2 points from attacking bonuses. Didn't get any goals or assists, but I'll take the 4 points given how bad the rest of my picks were so far. Still think he's a pretty good option going forward.
Bargain option - Amobi Okugo (@NY) - 5 points because of the 3 defending bonus points he picked up. I think he's a good enough option that I picked him up for this week.

My midfielder picks did a little better, averaged 5 points.

Matt Besler (v. MON) - 10 points. Ah yes, that feeling of success. Though I guess it wasn't that difficult to pick a USMNT player against a team that sits and plays the counter...Still, he was questionable leading up to the game because of his USMNT appearance but I felt he was a good enough gamble to go for it.
George John (@NE) - 7 points. Another clean sheet for Dallas. I'm really surprised at how well the Dallas team has been able to keep opposing teams off the scoreboard. John didn't actually accumulate a ton of points otherwise (via CBI or recoveries) with just 1 bonus point, but Dallas picks across the board (excepting forwards) are hard to go wrong with.
*Bargain option - Jeb Brovsky (@SKC) - 2 points. Guh, my lone failure on the defenders picks (and of course the only one I actually have on my team) didn't have a great game. Got a defending bonus but also grabbed a -1 for the 2 goals conceded. It's going to happen even to Montreal (especially if they're giving up the first goal and have to try and grab one back), but I think he's still a pretty safe pick most weeks, especially with his price tag.

Jimmy Neilsen (v. MON) - 7 points. Got the clean sheet against Montreal. Nothing much more to say than that. Only had to make 1 save, but he did pick up a defending bonus as well.
Bargain option - Clint Irwin (v. POR) - 2 points. -1 for goals conceded and +1 for a defending bonus. He's cheap. That's why you have him. The Timbers did not look good and in fact, outside of the 2 goals (one of which was a PK) he didn't see a single shot on goal. If there are no shots for him to save he's not going to make saves and no extra points for him. I don't think you're going to get a lot of clean sheets out of him so I wouldn't want him as your main keeper, but for an emergency start, not a bad backup to have.

Overall, I think I did fairly terrible. My MF picks were average. My D picks were better (outside Brovsky), but it's hard not to have some good picks there. I think going forward, I'm going to just offer bargain picks. Otherwise, why wouldn't I always pick Higuain, or Zusi, right?

On to how I did. Again, if you don't care how I did, feel free to skip over this.

Week 5

Position-Name (Pts scored)

G-Troy Perkins (4)
G-Bill Hamid (DNP)
D-Aurellien Collin (8)
D-Matt Hedges (9)
D-YP Lee (DNP)
D-Todd Dunivant (3)
D-Jeb Brovsky (2)
M-David Ferreira (6)
M-Jackson (3)
M-Diago Kobayashi (4)
M-Graham Zusi (20-C)
M-Mike Magee (8)
F-Frederic Higuain (DNP)
F-Adam Jahn (DNP)
F-DeShorn Brown (2)

Total points - 69 (won my head-to-head 4-1)

Didn't do badly this week. Big points from Zusi and a couple of my defenders made up for some pedestrian weeks from Brovsky and Brown. Heading into week 6 I had a lot of holes because of the byes. With LA, Montreal and Vancouver all out and with me having 2 from each team, I needed to do something. I decided to clear out my Vancouver guys because I don't think they'll be accumulating any value and they were relatively high priced. With Robert Earnshaw scoring again, I had to get him. I traded down on both Whitecaps first going from Daigo Kobayashi to Amobi Okugo.

Okugo is an interesting case. He's listed as a midfielder, but he's been getting most of his playing time as a CB. I think this is a plus and a minus. He's not getting penalized for goals against, but he won't be getting the full 4 points for a clean sheet either. But he gets more opportunities for defending bonuses. His total points are a function of his 2 goals scored (and an assist), something we're not likely to see happen with that amount of frequency, but he'll probably give you a consistent 3-5 points a week for a low price. He's expensive for a defender, but cheap for a MF. It's an interesting case and I'm going to experiment for this week, while in all likelihood I'm going to pick up Edgar Mejia next week after the Chivas bye.

For a defender, I went with Glauber, just to fill in the bye week and gain some money from trading in YP Lee ($6.0) for Glauber ($5.1). Glauber has had 3 good weeks and 1 terrible week (where he was credited for giving up 2 goals, a nice -2 points on his fantasy scoreline). Again, he's more a placeholder as I'm looking at other defender options after the bye. Maybe AJ Soares or Goncalves from NE depending on how much money I have left after considering Edgar Mejia (as I mentioned above).

Discussion Topics: is talking about choosing a captain.

Consistent point production would be my choice. It amazes me that Wondo is chosen as the captain so often. I guess people are just hoping to capitalize when he hits big, but I think you have to generally go with a MF option like Zusi or even a D option.

This bleeds into my general theory that playing more than one forward during the week is risky business. I'm going to go against that this week (playing all three), because I'm hit hard by the byes, but I think my best weeks have come because I focused on midfielders and defenders. Forwards are far more likely to have that annoying little 2 under their names than anyone else.

That's it for now, I'll try to get some bargain picks up later this week.

Update 4/4/13:'s weekly MLS Fantasy Starting XI column and video.

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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