MLS Fantasy Week 10 Discussion

Week 9

Position-Name (Pts scored)

G-Troy Perkins (8)
G-Clint Irwin (DNP)
D-Aurellien Collin (5)
D-Matt Hedges (9)
D-Jair Benitez (1)
D-Todd Dunivant (DNP)
D-Jeb Brovsky (7)
M-Dax McCarty (DNP)
M-Jackson (0)
M-Amobi Okugo (4)
M-Graham Zusi (8-C)
M-Mike Magee (8)
F-Thierry Henry (6)
F-Robert Earnshaw (2)
F-DeShorn Brown (DNP)

Total points - 58 (won my head-to-head 8-1)

I'm back! Not that that's a good thing, but I'll at least post this. nonopz put up some great posts (here and here) and if by popular acclaim he is the people's choice I will gladly step aside and give him the Fanshot Fantasy poster hat (and his post generated far more talk than mine ever did).

Had a decent week last week though I was hurt by Zusi's mediocre week and Jackson's red card (two red cards in a row for me - first Mejia last week and now Jackson). FC Dallas didn't have a clean sheet, so my Jair Benitez pickup didn't really help me, but Matt Hedges picked up the Goal (and the +6 points for a defender goal!) so that made up for it some. I wish that McCarty hadn't been hurt as I was planning on sitting Earnshaw. I really need to go back and think about my Forwards. Brown is not hard to carry (except that he's hurt right now), but Henry and Earnshaw are expensive and have very spotty production generally. I probably should drop one and pick up someone a little less expensive to free up some money for other spots.

As for my transfers this week...I dropped Jackson and picked up Marcelo Sarvas (from LAG). Sarvas has scored fantasy points consistently and was cheaper than the David Ferreira option I was considering (Ferreira has a bye this week). I also dropped Jair Benitez (also with Dallas and on a bye this week) and picked up Matt Besler. KC actually has a tough stretch with Chivas (though they are struggling) in Round 11 and then Seattle and Houston (away) in Round 11. As much fun as it is to make fun of the Sounders last place standing, I don't think most people really expect them to stay there. Hopefully their offense stays fairly impotent the next couple of weeks though.

This brings us to Round 11 which I mentioned in the comments to last weeks Fantasy. This is a huge week because of all the teams that will be playing TWO games. Below is the list of teams with two games:

DC United
Houston Dynamo
NY Red Bulls
Montreal Impact
NE Revolution*
Real Salt Lake
Sporting KC
Seattle Sounders
FC Dallas
Portland Timbers*
San Jose Earthquakes

* - I want to make a special note about the Timbers and NE. They play this Thursday so they will be getting more rest between games than the rest of the league. Whether or not this means that more of the starters will play all three games is unknown, but I have to think it will help.

By looking at their schedules I'd say the best chance for points in Round 11 are FC Dallas players. I know I know, not really going out on a limb there, but they play the Timbers (not exactly a defensive machine especially with the CB issues) and DC United. Of course, you have to balance that with the fact that FC Dallas is on a bye for THIS week. Note that Jackson will serve the 1 game suspension for their first game against the Timbers (woohoo!).

nonopz also did that wonderful spreadsheet showing the Sharpe ratio of all his players and what that all projected out to his total for this week and while only a 1 week sample it proved frighteningly accurate! I guess it's difficult to say how important the standard deviation is in general as in the end what's most important is the point total, but when you're looking at a one or two week flyer, you're probably more interested in the consistency of their production than someone you're going to hold on to year-long. It's an interesting look and one that would be great to have added to all the players when looking at transfers so you can easily see who might be the most consistent add.

I'm going to try and get this posted right away, so the one other thing I want to add is RODNEY WALLACE! I didn't realize, but the guy is listed as a defender!! He only costs $4.9. He gets credit for all clean sheets (a shaky prospect to be fair). He get 6 points for a goal instead of 5. He only has 34 total points, but he wasn't starting at the beginning of the year. He will get penalized for goals against and that will be an issue with the Timbers, but I don't know, a really cheap option for someone who has been coming on strong lately. Will definitely be looking at adding him next week.

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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