MLS Fantasy Week 7 Discussion

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Week 5
Week 6

My performance wasn't very good this week, though it did help me move up slightly in the Stumptown Footy leagues. I dropped in the overall (global) standings though. I didn't have any picks last week as both work and home were busy, but I will do my best to put some up this week.

Week 6

Position-Name (Pts scored)

G-Troy Perkins (DNP)
G-Bill Hamid (3)
D-Aurellien Collin (11)
D-Matt Hedges (4)
D-Glauber (2)
D-Todd Dunivant (DNP)
D-Jeb Brovsky (DNP)
M-David Ferreira (2)
M-Jackson (7)
M-Amobi Okugo (4)
M-Graham Zusi (10-C)
M-Mike Magee (DNP)
F-Frederic Higuain (2)
F-Robert Earnshaw (2)
F-DeShorn Brown (2)

Total points - 49 (won my head-to-head 5-1)

My forwards didn't perform which isn't really that unexpected. I've said a couple of times in my posts that forwards seem to be fairly overpriced for the week to week production you get from them. Given that this is my first year, I don't know how consistently this plays out, but my guess is unless the player has a transcendent year (Wondo last year), your money is best spent on MF and D. Otherwise you're timing the market and hoping that you play the right forward at the right time.

With only SKC on a bye I didn't really need to make any transfers, but I decided that I really wanted to give Edgar Mejia a try. I ended up picking up Irwin for Hamid to get a little extra money in the bank as I first thought I would trade Okugo in for Mejia. I ended up just trading in Zusi as he was on the bye. I'm not sure yet if this was a mistake as who knows how much value Zusi will gain during the bye week, but I should be able to absorb any increase that may come next week. The tough decision will be who to sell to pick up Zusi again. It's not a question of if I pick him up, but I've got a lot of faith in all my midfielders. Probably Okugo doesn't make the cut as it would be difficult to justify sending out the Dallas MFs or Magee and I want to give Mejia a couple of weeks on my roster..

Short post this time around, but I will post picks and links as I get to it. Thanks for reading!

Updates 4/11/13:

One thing I didn't catch until I read the midweek Q&A Fantasy article on - Pick up NYRB players if you can. Next week they play two games. I'm not sure how many players will play both games (4/17 and 4/20) as they are so close together, but double chances for points. Their top point getters will be Thierry Henry, Dax McCarty, Jamison Olave and Heath Pearce. Cheap options include Luyindula and Eric Alexander.

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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