MLS Fantasy Week 17 Discussion

Well, that was an interesting Fantasy week. Your roster is probably as distorted as mine after wedging in as many DGW players as possible.

If you handed Camilo the armband you're probably sitting pretty right about now, the author* did not...

If you're still sitting on you WC this is not a bad time to use it with all the international players coming back, well at least until the Gold Cup call-up on July 1.

Even without a WC, this is a week about resetting your team going forward. Two important things to consider: Schedule and Value.

This week, like each of the next five weeks, isn't tricky, 3 teams on byes, 16 teams with single fixtures. The byes can complicate things, like this week, where I suspect many owners, who didn't plan ahead are having to take extra transfers as MTL, VAN (both coming off DGW) and NE (who have been playing very well up until the Farrell red card) are all on byes.

Schedule wise, I'm really only looking as far ahead as week 21. Week 22 has DGWs and is at the heart of the short period during which you can use your second wild card. Also a lot can change in 5 weeks, so I'm focused on the nearer term.

Value wise, several players have dropped over the past few weeks for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with their individual production. SKC & NYRB players have been on a two week break, a bunch of players have been off on international duty, and a bunch of players were added and dropped due to scheduling quirks with the 5 game GW15 followed by the 4xDGW in GW 16. This is one of the better times to snag some quality fantasy players cheaper than they're likely to be available at any point later on this season.

Who should you be bringing in?

1. SKC, NYRB, and International players who've been unavailable and are, at this point, probably undervalued.

SKC: Zusi, Collin, Besler, Uri, Myers if he's healthy now?
NYRB: McCarty, Henry, Cahill, Espindola, Holgersson. Not Olave, not yet, he's on a Red card this week.
Intl: Keane, Fernandez, Taylor, Davis, EJ, Bernardez

2. Players who you've dropped, or avoided in favor of those with (double) fixtures over the past few weeks.

3. Players with particularly favorable schedules over the next five weeks:

In order of most to least favorable:
SKC: @fcd, CLB, VAN, @chi, TFC. No byes, load up.

LAG: CVS, @SJ, CLB, FCD, @por. No byes, those first 3 matches are tasty.

MTL: *BYE, COL, @tfc, CVS, @NYRB. After the bye, three soft fixtures.

But just for this week, San Jose, Houston, Portland, Galaxy all have great match-ups. Vancouver, Montreal, New England all on byes. Portland has a double bye after this week.

So, by position, listed in the order I'd add them:

GK: Fernadez, Johnson, Hall, (Ricketts if you have a wild card)

DEF: Collin, Dunivant, John, Traore, Holgersson, Parke (Wallace if WC)

MID: Zusi, Morales, Okugo, Le Toux, McCarty, Jacobson, Mullin, Uri (Valeri if WC)

FOR: Keane, Higuain, Obafemi, Brown, Oduro.

Who should you be dropping?

1. Enough Van, NE, MTL players so you've got a full lineup.

2. Whoever has value built up that you need to cash-out in order to bring in the players you want going forward.

3. The players you added purely for scheduling reasons, but who you're not excited about.

Who should you be holding onto?

1. Portland players, but just for this week, once they go on a two week break, they'll almost all fall significantly.

2. Camilo, Tiebert, Kenny Miller they're not overly expensive, and those they should continue to produce.

3. Anybody whose still on your roster with massive built-in gain who you've held onto but who won't be facing multiple byes. If you held onto Zusi, Okugo, or Magee their prices are probably not dropping much more any time soon, and their production probably exceeds that of any replacement. Note on Magee: Despite his scoring streak, and that he's taking PKs, free kicks, and corner kicks as well as wearing the armband for the Fire, he still manages almost zero bonus points. Basically he scores like a forward: goal or nothing, you should be able to do better than that for under $9.2M in the midfield so, hold onto him, just don't add him.

That pretty much addresses this week.

What about value going forward?

These are a few players per team (except Chivas) I'd want from a long term value perspective:

CHI: S. Johnson, Soumare, Magee

CVS: Kennedy

COL: Sturgis, Mullan, Powers, Brown

CLB: Williams, Oduro, Arrieta, Higuain, Barson

DC: Kitchen, Korb, Hamid (They're price is their chief virtue)

DAL: Fernadez, John, Jacobson, Michel, Hedges (John is a steal at $5.4)

HOU: Davis, Garcia, Bruin

LAG: Keane, Dunivant, Gonzalez, Donovan,

MTL: Ferrari, Camara, Di Vaio, Bernier, Brovsky

NE: Tierney, Fagundez, Goncalves, Shuttleworth, Agudelo

NYRB: McCarty, Holgersson, Espindola, Olave

PHI: Parke, Okugo, McInerney

POR: Wallace, Valeri, W. Johnson, Nagbe, Ricketts

RSL: Morales, Borchers, Garcia, Stephenson

SJ: Chavez, Wondo, Cronin

SEA: Traore, Neagle, Gspurning, Rosales, Martins, Alonso

SKC: Zusi, Collin, Besler, Kamara

TFC: O'Dea, Osorio, Richter, Earnshaw

VAN: Miller, Camilo, Tiebert, Leveron

Finally, mostly for the fun of it, if I were starting today with a fresh $100M, this is for GW17:

GK: Ricketts ($5.1)

DEF: Wallace ($5.4), John ($5.4), Collin ($6.4) Dunivant ($4.7)

MID: Davis ($8.8), Zusi ($9.9), Morales ($8.6) Okugo ($7.4) Neagle ($5.8)

FOR: Keane ($10.4)

BENCH: Fagundez ($6.4), Brown ($5.8), Sturgis ($4.4) Fernadez ($5.5)

Total $100M.

Hope that gives ya'll some ideas going forward. Look forward to the comments.

*Currently the owner of Cheatswithbrain FFC, which I mention only to lend a modicum of credibility to the notion that the above piece isn't entirely hogwash.

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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