MLS Fantasy Week 16 Discussion

Giving this another crack.

The author* appreciates all who took the time to read last week's piece.

This week is complicated, but breaks down into:

4 teams with Double Fixtures:OR, COL, MTL, VAN

10 teams with single weeks: CLB, CHI, CVS, DC, NE, TFC, FCD, HOU, LAG, SJ, and

5 teams on byes: KC, NY, RSL, SEA, PHI

Of note: Chivas and San Jose have new coaches going forward. My take:

Possibly good for Chivas (especially for Kennedy if he gets to play behind a 4 man backline)
Probably bad for San Jose (at least in the immediate term)

Anyhow, this week is about two things: Fielding as many DGW players as possible and not completely mucking up your roster for the remainder of the season.

Who should you be bringing in?

1. POR & COL players who'll play 270 minutes or thereabouts in weeks 16 & 17. This is a bit trickier of a proposition because of Portland's international call-ups, and because Colorado's lineup has been consistently in flux due to a bevvy of injuries.

2. MTL & VAN players who you either have bench space for in GW 17 or are willing to have a one week stand with.

So, by position, listed in the order I'd add them:

GK: Irwin; Perkins, Knighton, Ricketts

DEF: Klute, Ferrari, Camara, Harrington, Moor, Wynne, Y. P. Lee

MID: Valeri, Bernier, Mapp, W. Johnson, Nagbe, Reo C., Tiebert, Felipe,

FOR: Di Vaio, Camilo, D.Brown, R. Johnson, Kenny Miller.

Again, not actually that many names. AJB & PMK started against the Fire. I just have no idea who plays once Futty returns from the Gambia. O'Brien left with a hamstring injury which hurts the who Vancouver D. Feel free to pickup Colorado midfielders, I just have no idea how they'll be shuffled about and that also affects Sturgis.

Who should you be dropping?

1. Players whose value will be negatively affected by the return of players from intl duty.

2. Anybody who won't make your lineup in the next two weeks, bench space is still too tight. Figure out who gets those precious bench spots (looking at you recently acquired NE posse)

3. Carlo Cudicini (may have lost spot?), Lamar Neagle (good while it lasted, not clear he gets minutes once EJ is back), Villarreal (off to Turkey), just about everybody on SJ until there lineup is established under the new regime.

That pretty much addresses this week.

What about value going forward?

These are a few players per team (except Chivas) I'd want from a long term value perspective:

CHI: Berry, S. Johnson, Magee, Soumare

CVS: Kennedy

COL: Irwin, Klute, Moor, D.Brown

CLB: Higuin, Oduro, Arrieta (but don't make that your front line)

DC: Porter, Kitchen, Korb, Hamid (all are quite cheap and play decently)

DAL: Michel, Jacobson, John, Hedges

HOU: Davis, Boniek Garcia, Bruin

LAG: Keane, Gonzalez, Donovan, Cochrane

MTL: Ferrari, Camara,Di Vaio, Mapp, Bernier

NE: Goncalves, Shuttleworth, Tierney, Farrell, Agudelo, Fagundez

NYRB: McCarty, Holgersson, Espindola, Olave

PHI: Parke, Okugo, McInerney

POR: Wallace, Valeri, W. Johnson, Nagbe

RSL: Morales, Beckerman, Borchers, Garcia

SJ: Chavez, Wondo, Cronin

SEA: Traore, Gspurning, Rosales, Martins

SKC: Zusi, Collin, Besler, Kamara

TFC: O'Dea, Osorio, Laba

VAN: Knighton, Camilo, Reo-Coker

Finally, mostly for the fun of it, if I were starting today with a fresh $100M, this is my team for GW16:

GK: Irwin ($5.0)

DEF: Klute ($4.8), Moor ($5.3), Ferrari ($4.7), Camara ($5.0)

MID: Nagbe ($7.9), Valeri ($7.7), W.Johnson ($8.8)

FOR: Di Vaio ($8.9), Kenny Miller ($7.8), Camilo ($7.7)

BENCH: B. Rowe ($3.9), Morales ($8.8), Okugo ($7.8), Hedges ($5.8)

Total $99.9M. Transfer plan for GW17: Miller & Di Vaio OUT; Robbie Keane, Gyasi Zardes IN or Miller & Camilo OUT; Higuin & Zardes IN.

Basically the two free transfers need to clear out VAN/MTL slots, and I like the value in the MTL backline a lot. I'd put Brovsky on here too, but the potential of Di Viao DGW is too great.

Hope that gives ya'll some ideas going forward. Look forward to the comments.

*Currently the owner of Cheatswithbrain FFC, which I mention only to lend a modicum of credibility to the notion that the above piece isn't entirely hogwash.

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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