Gold Cup Match Thread: Costa Rica vs. Cuba, Belize vs. USA [5:30 pm, 8:00 pm]

Rich Schultz

The USMNT's Gold Cup run kicks off tonight on our own home turf, but first Rodney Wallace's Costa Rica takes on Cuba. All of it right here in the Rose City.

Tonight Portland plays host to its first USMNT game is a long time. Don't ask me why it's taken them so long to bring back a national team game here. I don't know. I believe in the past they've simply muttered something about turf and wandered away aimlessly when confronted about it. In any case, tonight the dry spell ends and Portland soccer fans get to witness the Nats play in their own backyard.

But before that game, Timbers-man Rodney Wallace will be taking the field (hopefully) with Costa Rica to take on Cuba, a team who I've been told is being escorted around town by gunpoint (a joke... sort of). Will Wallace see time in his own stadium? I sure hope so.

Here are all the details you need for both games:

General Information

Watch it on: Fox Soccer

Kick off: Costa Rica vs. Cuba - 5:30 pm, Belize vs. USA - 8:00 pm

Costa Rica: 0 points

Cuba: 0 points

Belize: 0 points

USA: 0 points

Starting Lineups

Costa Rica: Pemberton, Umana, Madrigal, Saborio, Rodriguez, Barrantes, Meneses, Tejeda, Miller, Wallace, Arrieta (not in formation)

Cuba: Molina, Molina, Clavelo, Colome, Valencia, Martinez, Corrales, Urgelles, Malblance, Gomez, Puga (not in formation)

Belize: Orio; Lennon, Mariano, Gaynair, Smith, McCaulay, Roches, Jimenez, Torres, Trapp, Pandy

USA: Rimando; Parkhurst, Orozco, Goodson, Beasley; Beckerman; Corona, Diskerud, Torres; Donovan, Wondolowski

Final Thoughts

I have no doubt that the USMNT will be able to beat Belize. Even if the Nats are missing a few key starters, they're still a very solid team with players largely comprised of high quality MLS starters. These are guys who are entering their peak form for the season. Additionally, expect players such as Landon Donovan to make a big impact. He is, no doubt, itching to get back into the national team picture for the remaining World Cup Qualifiers and, eventually, the World Cup itself in 2014.

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