Now comes Gut-Check time

I actually wasn't gonna write anything coming off of last night's fiasco, which was on top of the RSL fiasco...but then I read the comments under the Timbers-Sounders Recap article....and I just cannot help myself.

People talk about changing formations and this guy should be in there instead of that guy...this guy had a good game - no, he didn't - yes he did. If this guy wasn't hurt things would'a been different.....what adjustments can Caleb make, how can he out-coach his opponents ?.... all of that malarkey.

The fact is, though....the problems which the T's are staring at right now are very, very ironically familiar....and sorta simple.

Caleb has already made the adjustments. We had a discussion a few weeks ago about how to counter-balance the way opponents were now countering Porterball. IMHO, Porter has done so. In the past 3 matches the T's have been able to break the high pressure and create more consistent offensive pressure of their own. In the past 2 games, they created long, long stretches of offensive dominance and significantly long stretches where they made the opposing attack look disjointed and without a plan.

Good stuff.

Problem is.....

1) the goals are not coming. Certainly not in a timely fashion. Too many very cherry opportunities are not resulting in quality shots on-frame.

2) loss of momentary defensive focus during the match, resulting in pretty easy free-takes for the opposition, oftentimes resulting in goals....

As I said, if these things seem eerily familiar...they should. You can change the Captain, and the Captain can change the crew...but this is all just gut-check stuff.

The more you worry about goal scoring, the less goals you score. The more the thought of a momentary lapse plays in the back of your mind, the more likely it will happen. The more one of your teammates becomes unhinged on the field, the more it will result in the game unraveling.

I don't think a coach can ultimately govern those things....and from the looks of Caleb's expression on the sidelines these days, neither does he....

The question becomes: can this Team play through all of that, regardless of what jersey numbers are on the pitch, and average better than 1.5 points per game for the rest of the season ? If so, they will get into the playoffs.

If not, then this season will be a great indication of how meaningless a statistic the number of losses really is....

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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