Portland Timbers vs RSL Player Ratings: The Results

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The community player ratings for last Wednesday's game against Real Salt Lake.

Sorry for not getting these until now, life got really busy. I decided to add a little more to the ratings by including a bar graph that shows the histogram for every player. I could not get this to work without expending a lot of time and energy that I couldn't spare today. So I am putting that idea on the shelf until after school starts and I settle into a better rhythm. However, I did publish the results for anyone who filled out the form and there you can see the histograms. (Click here for the link)

Donovan Ricketts- 4.92

Jswish8 - Not much DR could do on the PK, and the ball falling to Borchers probably wasn't entirely his fault... but the last one hurt, and whenever you give up 3 goals... well... your rating falls a bit.

Andrew Jean-Baptiste- 4.3

Porterball! -Another game and another critical error which cost the timbers 3 points. The red card was soft, but once again AJB gave the ref an excuse to make a call. Their third goal can also be partially blamed on AJB's failed clearance.

Michael Harrington- 5.2

SEDave- Had quite a few bad passes. Not one of his better games, even though he was swarmed. I thought having Powell on the other side might open up more space for him to work, but this did not really happen on Wed. night.

Pa-Madou Kah- 4.95

Anonymous- Pah-Madou Meh

Alvas Powell- 6.6

1751- The most impressive performance yet by the youngster. This guy is going to be absolutely amazing by next summer. Mark my words.

Ben Zemanski- 6

Mikesprinkle71-The last game he was great, this game he disappeared. He was a complete non-factor

Diego Chara-6.2

FuSchnickens- I'd be happy to give the guy a "7" for his hustle and toughness, but getting the yellow card has put us in a bad situation versus Seattle.

Diego Valeri-7.6

Hailfire97- Hard to argue with his state. 1 Goal, 1 assist, and he gets a good rating. Would have been higher if not for his direct-contribution to the first goal for RSL.

Darlington Nagbe-6.4

Jswish8- Solid runs, solid passes, would have liked to see him get onto the score sheet, but he did his job.

Rodney Wallace- 6.6

FuSchnickens-Wow, it's was sure good to see Rodwall step back toward his old form. What a breath of fresh air!

Ryan Johnson- 5.9

Anonymous-We need a real striker...he just doesn't cut it as the Target man.

Jose Valencia-5.6

Jswish8-El Trencito didn't have an amazing game. He probably shouldn't have taken that ridiculous shot the instant he came in, but as a whole, he did what he always does.

Kalif Alhassan- 6.8

Hailfire97- You can believe it, gentlemen (and ladies)! Mr. "JazzHands" Alhassan was 5 minutes away from being a folk hero. Its no easy task to replace Nagbe mid-game, but Kalif came on, played some good passes, made a few good runs, and fired a good rebound off of a deflected Powell cross to put the Timbers up 3-2 against a tired, man-down Salt Lake team. If only Ricketts didn't take that last knock, Kalif could be paraded in the streets of Portland....

Ryan Miller- 3.85

Ryan- Everyone who put comments up about Ryan Miller were upset he was on the pitch and Valeri was off. Ryan Miller is not 100% to blame for the third goal, there are others that share the blame.

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