Worrying trends

It's truly insane how this site went from active, passionate, calm, and pretty intelligent during the offseason last year, all the way through the season and into the playoffs, but as soon as this fanbase gets a peek into a good team, we all of a sudden become ECS.

We DESERVE Barcelona. We DESERVE perfection. We DESERVE to be the best.

No, we don't deserve anything.

Stop using the "we're fans, it's our job to over-react" as an excuse to be an ass. It's childish, and I'm sure this won't bother many but that's why I'm done with STF. After seeing some of the absolutely idiotic things that were said the last 2 weeks, and the fact that many of those comments have more recs than logical, calm, well-reasoned responses, is extremely disheartening.

This is a growing trend that I noticed last year, as PTFC was destined for playoffs. Obviously when PTFC was winning, I didn't see much, when they would have an unfortunate tie or a loss, I would see cracks. I got little whiffs of it here and there, like after the RSL 4-2 match, on STF and on twitter, but I dismissed it, thinking, "There's no way anybody among us can already have forgotten about the first two years. There's just no way." It's like none of you know what sports are like, if every team who was awesome the year before, was perfect and awesome and got better the next year, there would be no reason to play the game, or watch the team.

I am hoping it isn't nearly as bad as it looks, and am just holding out hope that the well-reasoned people are much smarter than I and just flat out avoid social media when things aren't going perfect. So this is me, saying goodbye, I may be around for Thorns material but I'm guessing that the people who are ruining Timbers dialogue will be happy to taint that content as well. I hope this place can eventually find a balance of criticism and rational thinking but I will not hold my breath. Until then, I will just assume the comments of STF will continue to be a Chernobyl-like wasteland of half-thoughts, anger, and scapegoats.

So, hopefully some of you find Jesus, or Budda, or Cthulhu, or whatever you need to not be so angry, irrational, or unintelligible as you have been over the last month or so, but if you don't, good luck to you. Because you'll be needing some blood pressure medication at young ages if some of you continue like this.

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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