Portland Timbers vs. Chivas USA Prediction Thread

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The Timbers are set to take on Chivas USA and we are set to take your predictions.

The Portland Timbers came within two minutes of putting up their first win in last weekend's 4-4 draw against the Seattle Sounders, only to concede an 89' heart-breaker to a Clint Dempsey penalty kick. Now the Timbers, brimming with purpose, are set to try again, this time against the team that they took seven points from in three games last season, Chivas USA.

What is it going to take for the Timbers to take their first three points this year? Who will we see in the lineup this week? Can Diego Chara continue his long-range scoring or are those his only two goals for the next three years?

Let's get busy making some predictions.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • The final score.
  • The goalscorers.
  • The timing of the goals.

The more specific the prediction, the better.

The rules: Get your predictions in before kick-off. Correctly predicting the score is worth two points, correctly predicting a goal scorer is worth one point, and coming close to the timing of a goal is worth one point. That's about it. I reserve the right to award bonus points for excessively awesome/accurate predictions.

Check out our game preview, interview with SB Nation's The Goat Parade, and most recent training reports to make sure that your predictions are as accurate as possible.

The Score

Well, the pessimists scored on Clint Dempsey's goals this week while the optimists scored on the goal from Diego Valeri. Not surprisingly, no a single person picked the correct score, but wvhooligan had several remarkably accurate predictions, including the exact timing of Kenny Cooper's goal and Will Johnson's yellow card.

  1. RCTIDnomatterwhat: 2/12 (Cooper goal, goal timing)
  2. oregavania: 2/10 (Dempsey goal, Valeri goal)
  3. bloodyyanks: 4/9 (Goal timing, Valeri goal, Dempsey goal, bonus point - no card to Alonso)
  4. wvtimbersarmy: 6/7 (Cooper goal w/ correct time, Valeri goal, Urruti goal, bonus point - Will Johnson yellow w/ correct time)
  5. ssjbryces: 2/6 (Dempsey goal, Cooper goal)
  6. DDugan: 0/6
  7. mike.obremski: 2/5 (Dempsey goal, Valeri goal)
  8. Webfooter17: 1/5 (Valeri goal)
  9. jprichard10: 3/4 (Urruti goal, Valeri goal, goal timing)
  10. jddrews: 3/4 (Dempsey goal, Martins assist, bonus point - Weber Save of the Week nominee)
  11. drob8: 2/4 (Dempsey goal, bonus point - Weber Save of the Week nominee)
  12. Akron Timbers: 1/4 (Valeri goal)
  13. scoey: 0/4
  14. Miter Saw: 0/4
  15. James Bondo: 2/3 (Cooper goal, goal timing)
  16. AkronSnape: 2/3 (Chara goal, goal timing)
  17. SEDave: 2/3 (Valeri goal, bonus point - crazy person goes home pumped)
  18. Withdrawn Striker: 2/3 (Urruti goal, Dempsey goal)
  19. Victor Eremita: 2/3 (Urruti goal, Cooper goal)
  20. tyler.carter.: 2/3 (Cooper goal, bonus point - 3/6 yellow cards correct)
  21. charlotte sometimes: 2/3 (Urruti goal, Valeri goal)
  22. BarmyTarmy: 1/3 (Bonus point - Seattle possession and shots)
  23. Mr. Frumble: 0/3
  24. halver.smith.5: 0/3
  25. glorkvorn: 2/2 (Valeri goal, Urruti goal)
  26. TimbersAZ: 2/2 (Dempsey goal, Valeri goal)
  27. snizz: 2/2 (Valeri goal, goal timing)
  28. Graham Day (footballer): 1/2 (Valeri goal)
  29. FarBar: 1/2 (Valeri goal)
  30. ukuku: 0/2
  31. PDXBuckeye: 0/2
  32. k noche: 0/2
  33. Coug999: 0/2
  34. alantyll: 0/2
  35. Cascade Ranger: 0/2
  36. zippyflynn: 1/1 (Cooper goal)
  37. cfrank: 1/1 (Chara goal)
  38. Crafty_PDX: 1/1 (Valeri goal)
  39. haytrain: 1/1 (Valeri goal)
  40. alantyll: 1/1 (Cooper goal)
  41. Hailfire97: 1/1 (Dempsey goal)
  42. seangates: 0/1
  43. ZenGarden: 0/1
  44. Dan Brunell: 0/1
  45. DCG1: 0/1
  46. pctx: 0/1
  47. efilnikufsin: 0/1
  48. LampzTheLegend: 0/1
  49. jeremy.wyenberg: 0/1
  50. greenlinearmy: 0/1
  51. the_rza: 0/1
  52. L_slack: 0/1
  53. fatberry: 0/1
  54. NoVaBurgher: 0/1
  55. Ballast: 0/1
  56. joe.gefro.3: 0/1
  57. pecorasc: 0/1
  58. scottharra: 0/1

Should you have gotten more points? Tell me about it in your prediction for this week.

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