Thorns Post Game: The Interviews - April 26, 2014

Jeremiah Mitchell Braeback - Stumptown Footy

The Thorns spoke with the press on Saturday after winning their first home match of the season.

Portland Thorns Head Coach Paul Riley, forward Jessica McDonald, goalkeeper Nadine Angerer and midfielder Allie Long answered questions from the media following the Thorns 3-1 victory over FC Kansas City.

Head Coach Paul Riley

"Well, I think again we can play better. You’ll probably hear that a lot for the first couple months of the season. I don’t think it was a great performance, but we hung around long enough. I still think we created some good chances in the first half probably a little bit more in the first half maybe than the second half. I think Kansas got a grip of the game after they scored and I think we were in trouble for about 10-15 minutes. Then, funny enough, the changes helped us. We changed formation a little bit; we tweaked it a little bit and Jess [McDonald] got a great goal. I thought the movement off the ball was really good. Then Jess [McDonald] iced it. It was a great ball from Mana [Shim] for the third one. We rode our luck a little bit in that 15 minute patch. I think just to get through that 15 minutes was critical for us, which we did."

Forward Jessica McDonald

"The first one, I was just working off the shoulder of the defender and I was looking to stay wide, stay on side and I saw that Allie Long was keeping the ball. I was calling for it, calling for it and I didn't give up on that run. I just focused on finishing low and far post. The second goal, I was just looking to play high and split the two central defenders. I saw Mana Shim wind up with her left foot to play that long ball and I just ran onto it. I saw the goalkeeper come out and just wanted to get it over her and into the net."

Goalkeeper Nadine Angerer

"It was amazing. During the game I thought I was playing in the World Cup. It was so loud and the crowd was amazing; it felt like a World Cup game...I think no club in the world has fans like we have in Portland; I haven't seen it anywhere else."

Midfielder Allie Long

"Jess and I went to school together at North Carolina, so I’ve known her for a while. I know her tendencies, she knows mine and we’ve kind of grown together from college players to professional players. It’s been a good journey with her and learning each other through the years. I know what she brings and she kind of knows what I bring, so we feed off of that."

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