Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders Prediction Thread

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Who do you think will take the first points in the Cascadia Cup?

The Portland Timbers host the Seattle Sounders tomorrow in the first Cascadia Cup match of the year and it promises to be a hard fought one. Both sides are missing players and both have had players recently returned so predicting a score in the early season tumult will not be easy.

How will the Timbers fare in their first Cascadia Cup match of the year? Will Diego Valeri continue his upward trajectory? Which Timber will score the first run of play of the year?

Let's get busy making some predictions.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • The final score.
  • The goalscorers.
  • The timing of the goals.

The more specific the prediction, the better.

The rules: Get your predictions in before kick-off. Correctly predicting the score is worth two points, correctly predicting a goal scorer is worth one point, and coming close to the timing of a goal is worth one point. That's about it. I reserve the right to award bonus points for excessively awesome/accurate predictions.

Check out our game preview, interview with SB Nation's Sounder at Heart, and most recent training reports to make sure that your predictions are as accurate as possible.

The Score

  1. RCTIDnomatterwhat: 1 point this week/ 10 points overall (Perez goal)
  2. oregavania: 3/8 (Correct score, Perez goal)
  3. DDugan: 1/6 (Perez goal)
  4. bloodyyanks: 0/5
  5. scoey: 4/4 (Correct score, Hedges goal, goal timing)
  6. Webfooter17: 4/4 (Correct score, Perez goal, goal timing)
  7. ssjbryces: 1/4 (Diaz goal)
  8. Miter Saw: 0/4
  9. Mr. Frumble: 3/3 (Correct score, Perez goal)
  10. halver.smith.5: 2/3 (Correct score)
  11. mike.obremski: 2/3 (Perez goal, goal timing)
  12. Akron Timbers: 0/3
  13. ukuku: 2/2 (Diaz goal, Perez goal)
  14. drob8: 2/2 (Bonus point - Weber Save of the Week, goal timing)
  15. PDXBuckeye: 2/2 (Hedges goal, goal timing)
  16. k noche: 1/2 (Perez goal)
  17. Coug999: 0/2
  18. alantyll: 0/2
  19. Cascade Ranger: 0/2
  20. BarmyTarmy: 0/2
  21. seangates: 1/1 (Perez goal)
  22. ZenGarden: 1/1 (Perez goal)
  23. Dan Brunell: 1/1 (Bonus point - awesomeness, penalty - insanity, Perez goal)
  24. DCG1: 1/1 (Perez goal)
  25. SEDave: 1/1 (Perez goal)
  26. pctx: 1/1 (Perez goal)
  27. Graham Day (footballer): 1/1 (Goal timing)
  28. efilnikufsin: 1/1 (Goal timing)
  29. LampzTheLegend: 1/1 (Goal timing)
  30. jeremy.wyenberg: 1/1 (Goal timing)
  31. wvtimbersarmy: 0/1
  32. FarBar: 0/1
  33. greenlinearmy: 0/1
  34. charlotte sometimes: 0/1
  35. the_rza: 0/1
  36. Victor Eremita: 0/1
  37. tyler.carter.: 0/1
  38. L_slack: 0/1
  39. fatberry: 0/1
  40. NoVaBurgher: 0/1
  41. jprichard10: 0/1
  42. Ballast: 0/1
  43. AkronSnape: 0/1
  44. joe.gefro.3: 0/1
  45. jddrews: 0/1
  46. pecorasc: 0/1
  47. Withdrawn Striker: 0/1
  48. scottharra: 0/1
  49. James Bondo: 0/1

Should you have gotten more points? Tell me about it in your prediction for this week.

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