Sapling Snapshot: Playoff Preview - FC Dallas 17/18

Just over 24 hours after opening kick of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy Playoffs opener against the Chicago Fire, the Portland Timbers U-17/18s will meet FC Dallas in their second match of Group D.

Held at Grand Park in Westfield, Ind., the USSDA Academy Playoffs will see the Timbers and FC Dallas meet on Field 14 – a grass pitch.

The No. 2 team in the group, FC Dallas finished tenth nationally, while winning the Frontier Division of the Central Conference. FC Dallas ended the regular season second in the Central Conference, behind the top seed in Group D – the Chicago Fire (FC Dallas and Colorado Rush posted the same points/games played, however FC Dallas earned the higher seed out of the Frontier Division due to a tiebreaker).

FC Dallas recorded a 17-4-6 mark on the season, with 2.11 Pts/GP.

The FC Dallas roster is full of United States Youth Internationals, including a few on a stout backline, which gave up 24 goals in 27 matches.

Patrick Khouri (24 GP, 20 GS) anchors the FC Dallas defense, while also adding a trio of goals to his name. Khouri, a 5-foot-11 native of Charleston, S.C., has experience training with teams in England and Spain. Rated as the No. 66 player in 2014 by Top Drawer Soccer, Khouri is viewed by College Soccer News as the No. 54 player in his graduating class. Khouri, a New Mexico signee, spent time with the US U-14 Boys National Team in the past.

Six-foot defender Jordan Cano (15 GP, 12 GS) joins Khouri on the backline for FC Dallas. Cano scored two goals for FC Dallas in the regular season and is headed to Southern Methodist in the fall. College Soccer News views Cano as the No. 14 player in the 2014 class, while Top Drawer Soccer rates him as the No. 26 product. Cano has also played in the US Youth National set-up.

Another US youth international on the backline for FC Dallas is Vernon Bailey (22 GP, 18 GS). Bailey is the No. 57 player in the class of 2014 according to College Soccer News.

Rounding out the defense for the FC Dallas squad is Shaquell Moore (5 GP, 5 GS). Moore, who played in the regular season finale against the Colorado Rapids’ academy, is a highly rated member of the FC Dallas academy. Missing most of the spring academy season while playing for the United Staes U-20 men’s national team, Moore is rated as the No. 1 prospect in the class of 2015 by College Soccer News. Barcelona and Valencia have already been rumored as parties interested in Moore.

The top scorer on the FC Dallas roster is midfielder Coy Craft (16 GP, 10 GS). A verbal commit for 2015 at North Carolina, Craft has scored 12 goals on the season. College Soccer News rates Craft as the No. 6 player in the class of 2015, while O When The Yanks views Craft as the No. 7 player in the class.

Aaron Meyer (24 GP, 20 GS) is tied for third on the FC Dallas roster for goals with six and joins Craft on the attack from midfield. Meyer is rated the No. 10 prospect for the class of 2015 by O When The Yanks and is seen as the No. 17 player by College Soccer News.

Also committed to play in college this fall from the FC Dallas U-17/18s –
Cesar Murillo (26 GP, 24 GS, 4 Goals), College of Charleston
Kristoffer Reaves (13 GP, 11 GS), Wake Forest
Troy Reeves (19 GP, 8 GS), Liberty

The Saplings wrap group play on June 26 against the Charlotte Soccer Academy.

Alright guys, I don't believe I have to say this but, just in case, please do not submit anything racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise not appropriate for even the younger Timbers fans.

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