Cascadian Exceptionalism

All articles, posts and information regarding issues of particular interest in Cascadia, including the Cascadia Cup and the hypothetical creation of the Cascadian National Team representing the Pacific Northwest.

Cascadia Cup Memories: Jack's Bomb


At practice today we talked to Jack Jewsbury about the Cascadia Cup.

Cascadia Cup 2013: The Potential Outcomes


What could happen in the remaining games of the 2013 Cascadia Cup?

Game Prep: Every Timbers Cascadia Match in MLS

Got some time to kill while you wait for your wristband? Well, here you go.

Cascadia Cup Council Retains Ownership of Cup


According to a release today from, the supporters groups in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver have come to an agreement in principle with Major League Soccer concerning the Cascadia...

Cascadia Dominated California in MLS This Weekend


The weekend's game provided plenty of excitement for Timbers fans, but it also heralded a cross-regional beat down.

City Council to Vote on Cascadia Cup Resolution


According to a revealed Portland City Council resolution to be voted on today, the city of Portland will officially request that MLS drop its Cascadia Cup trademark.

Cascadia Cup: Get on the Bus


Tickets are still available for this weekend's Cascadia Cup clash in Seattle. Get on the bus!

The Portland Timbers' Long Journey Begins Saturday


This Saturday the Portland Timbers take on the Seattle Sounders in the first of many Cascadia Cup matches this year.

The Cascadia Cup: Ours to Fight For


Don Garber's patronizing appeals to let him and his corporation trademark the Cascadia Cup are an insult to soccer fans in Cascadia and across North America.

We're Gonna Win the Cascadia Cup

We're gonna win the Cup; we're gonna win the Cup. I don't know how; I don't know when. We're gonna win the Cup.

Let's bring home the Cascadia Cup


The Cascadia Cup is an important trophy, simply for the fact that it would be the Portland Timbers' first in the MLS era. But there's so much more to it than that.

Cascadia Could Take Part in the 2014/2016 VIVA World Cup


With the formation of the Cascadia Association Football Federation being planned, the "nation" of Cascadia could find it's way into the VIVA World Cup: the world footballing organization for...

Cascadia Cup: Competing Interpretations of 'Rivalry'


I've found that there are varying interpretations of the Portland-Seattle rivalry. What's your interpretation?

Cascadia Cup Preview Interview with Sounder at Heart and Pre-Game Chat

Preview interview for the Cascadia Cup match against the Seattle Sounders with Sounder at Heart. Pre-game chat included!

Eddie Johnson Gamble has Paid Off for Seattle [Poll]


After three and a half disappointing years in Europe, Eddie Johnson has returned to the form that got him there.

Cascadia Cup: A Win Against the Seattle Sounders Would Go a Long Way This Season


A win against the Seattle Sounders would go a long way towards the Portland Timbers winning the Cascadia Cup, but it wouldn't guarantee it.

Quotes, Stats, Links and Videos: Vancouver home edition

See and read what everyone is saying about Portland's victory over Vancouver.

Recap: Kings of Cascadia! Well, More Like Kings of BC!

Portland takes another step towards decency with a win against Cascadia Rival Vancouver Whitecaps.

Preview: Cascadia Cup Match # 3

Find out what Portland has to do in order to secure 3 points against their rivals the Whitecaps.

Cascadia Cup Preview: Grumpy Old Canadians

Yes, the Vancouver Whitecaps are getting on in years, but for now they're a pretty potent group.

Is the Cascadia Cup All We Have Left? [Poll]


With the Portland Timbers play off hopes all but dashed at this point, is he Cascadia Cup the final reprieve from a season gone terribly wrong?

Cascadia Cup Preview: How Portland can Win


A in depth look at what Portland needs to do in order to win their first Cascadia game this season.

Cascadia Cup Preview: A Flat Fish Indeed


Getting to know this Sunday's opponent a little better.

Three Reasons Why the Portland Timbers Can Still Win the Cascadia Cup


The Portland Timbers are still very much alive for the Cascadia Cup.

Cascadia Cup: Like Euro, But Way More Awesome


All soccer is local.

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