I miss Eric Alexander

I was disappointed when we let him go, thought he had as much potential as Kalif. He played solidly for the NJ energy drinks last year and last night he was magnificent. See evidence at link.

Vote for Thorns goalkeeper Nadine Angerer as German Football Ambassador

The Thorns goalkeeper is among 11 German players, currently playing outside their home country, nominated for selection as German Football Ambassador. One player will be selected via a fan vote for as captain for "11 of the World".

Remember the 96

If you missed it last night, I highly recommend you catch this on the Sunday night replay (7pm our time on ESPN 2). It's very intense and a little rough but it is a must see and really well done. For the 96

Where Have All the W's Gone?

Where have all the W’s gone? Long time passing Where have all the W's gone? Long time ago Where have all the W's gone? Opposing teams took them, every one. Oh, when will we ever win? Oh, when will we ever win? (Sometimes it's too frustrating, disappointing even to rant. This will have to do.)

Jozy Altidore dropped to Sunderland U-21 squad

Jozy Altidore was dropped from Sunderlands 18 down to their U-21 squad. It's time for MP to make the push and get him to Portland. I don't want to hear this "he can only go to NYFC or NYRB." He is what the Timbers need, bottom line. Give him 8 mil a year and get it done!!

MLS pool keeper is PDX bound

Coincidence, or leading indicator of Rickets injury?

Cost Adjusted Football

Cost Adjusted Football is a website which shows what the European football leagues would look like if the costs of buying the players on each team were taken into account. What do you think? This is a brand new site so please share it on Facebook and Twitter if you find it interesting. Thanks

The Fix is In

First, Simon Borg comes up with his "independent assessment" that Dempsey did not intentionally punch a guy in the balls but was rather trying to sway his hand away. Hours later the MLS Disciplinary Committee takes no action against Dempsey for something that the general public agrees is inexcusable. Not sure how they're fulfilling their mission statement. Mission Statement: To preserve the integrity and reputation of the game and Major League Soccer, and to assist in ensuring player safety.

How much do we miss Horst?

Adjectives used here: tenacity, grit, destructive etc. At the time of Horst's departure I was not too displeased as I thought he was 4-5 on the depth chart anyway. However I think we all want a bit more of this from our CBs (I think Kah has it but not sure about anyone else).

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