XI (!) Questions About the Sounders: MLS Playoff 2013 Edition


Dave Clark of Sounder at Heart sends over some answers to quick-fire questions ahead of Saturday night's Western Conference semifinal first leg.

You've read long answers, multiple answers and single answers from SB Nation's Seattle blog, Sounder at Heart, over the past seven months. Today it's short answers. A quick-fire set of XI questions about the Seattle Sounders heading into the first leg of the two-legged series with the Portland Timbers. Dave Clark sent along his answers as we take a look at a few different aspects of the rivalry, playoffs and impact of this series.

1. Is DeAndre Yedlin going to play?

We don't know yet. My bet is no.

2. Is it true that Marcus Hahnemann predates the entire Portland Timbers/Seattle Sounders rivalry?

This is a fact. So do I. So do the Sounders.

3. Brad Evans: better right back or midfielder?

Better midfielder as he's not a great crosser and still learning where to be and when. The second part is certain to come.

4. Will Obafemi Martins be back?

Maybe as a sub in the first leg. Much stronger change for the second leg.

5. Eddie Johnson: most likely to score against Portland or second most likely?

Most likely. He's quite like Fredy Montero in that he gets up for matches against the darker green.

6. Will fatigue play a part on Saturday?

I don't think so. This is a team that has years of multiple games in a week.

7. How devastating would a loss at CenturyLink Field be?

The series would be over.

8. Is Sigi Schmid going to be the coach next year if this game/series don't go well?

If it winds up like the crushing losses in 2010 and 2011, yes. (EDIT - DAVE MEANT NO)

9. Be honest, you hate the football lines and wish the Sounders had their own stadium, don't you?

I hate football lines but I'm happy that the city didn't spend the money to build three 40,000+ stadiums in downtown.

10. What is the most likely change to the XI (injuries aside) from Wednesday to Saturday?

They're all injury-related but it could mean Zach Scott starts at right back or Andy Rose/Mauro Rosales at right midfielder or Marc Burch at left midfielder. There are lots of ways the lack of Yedlin could force changes.

11. If you were Schmid, what weakness of the Timbers would you most want to exploit?

Pa Kah and Diego Chara being a bit foul prone. Having a set-play specialist on the field could be huge.

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