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Timbers Nearing 10,000 STH for 2011?

While our rivals up north (Seattle and Vancouver) are all to willing to share their 2011 STH numbers with the press, our own FO is a bit cagey about that sort of thing. While we still don't know the exact number of season ticket sales just yet, a recent article published by The Vancouver Sun which proudly boasts 16.500 season tickets being sold for Vancouver also states near the bottom that the Timbers are closing in on 10,000.

While not nearly as impressive as either Vancouver's 16,500 or Seattles 28,000 (my numbers might be old), 10,000 STHs is still a very respectable amount considering that some MLS teams struggle to even hit those numbers in total. Also, and I don't know about you, but I've yet to see any serious media blitz campaign for the Timbers season tickets. If there is one planned, I'd be willing to bet we'll nab a few more STHs from that.

My own personal prediction is Portland will reach 14,000 STHs by the start of the 2011 season, although, at this point that's really just a guess. Still good numbers all around for the PNW rivalry set to take off once again in 2011.

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