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Welcome to Chopping Timber

Welcome to my new blog about all things concerning the Portland Timbers as they ascend from the USSF Division 2 league to MLS, the premiere development league in the United States.

For those who are curious who I am, I am a soccer-mad resident of Portland, OR. While I haven't lived in Portland my entire life, I have become quite fond of them to the point where I bought season tickets for 2010 as well as 2011.

So, yes, you can expect commentary, opinion pieces, and other news worthy pieces as they relate to the Timbers or MLS as a whole (so long as it applies to the Timbers). 

Also, yes, this website is a bit rustic. I'm not a web developer, unfortunately. However, I am aiming to fix it up and maybe even replace it quite soon. We'll see how that goes.