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32 Fan Made 2011 Portland Timbers Mock UpKits

Apparently I do not spend my time very well as I literally just wasted the last hour and a half searching the internet for all kinds of fan created Timbers kit mock ups.

As many people know, Portland was confirmed for an MLS franchise last year, however, since late 2007 even, we were a strong candidate for a rumored franchise. As such fans of the league and sport from around the country have been creating mock ups of what they think/want our kit to look like.

Now, we won't actually know what our kit will look like until December (6th is rumored) so take each of these mock ups for what they are: pure fiction. Still though, some of them look quite good.


I'm thinking about doing something similar with our MLS crest and doing a compare/contrast with the mock ups and what we were given. Should be interesting whenever I find the time to wrangle up all the old crest mock ups.