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8 D2 Timbers Players Released

As is to be expected, the Timbers announced today that they were releasing 8 additional players from their current D2 roster. Here's the list:
  • Ian Joy (our former team captain)
  • Johan Claesson
  • Brian Farber
  • Derek Gaudet
  • George Josten
  • Ibad Muhamadu
  • Keith Savage
  • Ross Smith
I know as we transition from a D2 to an MLS team there were bound to be cuts and players let go, despite that though, it's not easy letting go some of the players who helped us build such a solid team in the second division league.

Good luck to all the players, I hope you guys find a home at either another D2/D3 team or possibly even an MLS team. After all, just because they weren't in the Timbers plans for MLS doesn't mean they can't be in another team's plans.

[Portland Timbers]