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International Player Announcement in Early December?

So we all know that yesterday that the Timbers had acquired an international roster spot from the Galaxy yesterday for an undisclosed amount of allocation money. What we didn't know was what it was for exactly. Well, via the Timbers own website, technical director Gavin Wilkinson has shed some more light on this purchase:
Wilkinson said he has a player in mind for the ninth international roster spot and hopes to announce the addition of that player in early December.
 Who do the Timbers have their eye on? Could be any, but the fact that they seem to be planning an announcement specifically for that player lends to the idea of it being a notable player. Maybe a DP, maybe not. Personally, I don't believe we'll get a DP this first year, but if Wilkinson and Spencer find somebody they really like I suppose it could be possible.

Certainly interesting to say the least.

[Portland Timbers]