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Timbers and Whitecaps Expansion DraftPicks

Alrighty guys, today is the day we find out exactly who our expansion draft picks will be. As many of you know, I participated in SB Nation's draft of which many of my initial picks were already ruled out by the official list of protected players.

Stay tuned as I'll be updating this post live with Portland and Vancouver's picks:


  1. Dax McCarty - FC Dallas (Daniel Hernandez protected)
  2. Eric Brunner - Columbus Crew (Kevin Burns protected)
  3. Adam Moffat - Columbus Crew (Columbus Crew closed)
  4. Anthony Wallace - Colorado Rapids (Wells Thompson protected)
  5. David Horst - Real Salt Lake (Collen Warner protected)
  6. Robbie Findley - Real Salt Lake (Real Salt Lake now closed)
  7. Peter Lowry - Chicago Fire (Dasan Robinson protected)
  8. Jonathan Bornstein - Chivas USA (Chivas USA now closed)
  9. Jordan Graye - DC United (Kurt Morsink protected)
  10. Alturo Alvarez - San Jose Earthquakes (San Jose now closed)


  1. Sanna Nyassi - Seattle Sounders (Patrick Ianni protected)
  2. Atiba Harris - FC Dallas (FC Dallas is now closed)
  3. Nathan Sturgis - Seattle Sounders (Seattle is now closed)
  4. Shea Salinas - Philadelphia Union (Chris Seitz protected)
  5. Alan Gordon - Chivas USA (Mariano Trujillo protected)
  6. O'Brian White - Toronto FC (Julian de Guzman protected)
  7. Alejandro Moreno - Philadelphia Union (Philadelphia Union now closed)
  8. Joe Cannon - San Jose Earthquakes (Tim Ward protected)
  9. Jonathan Leathers - Sporting KC (Eric Kronberg protected)
  10. John Thorrington - Chicago Fire (Chicago Fire now closed)

And that's it! Some interesting choices, particularly from Portland. Also notable is that LA and New York were not pillaged at all.

I'll be going through Portland's individual choices later today. Until then feel free to ponder about them in the comments.