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The Surprises Don't Stop... Timbers Trade #1pick Dax McCarty for DCU's Rodney Wallace

Alright, I've yet to pen my piece on the Timber's expansion slot so I'll keep this short since I don't want to get too deep into my own personal opinion on who we chose during the expansion draft and why.

That said, however, our #1 pick and arguably the best player available in the expansion draft, Dax McCarty was just now traded to DC United for Rodney Wallace, a first round (6th overall) Super Draft pick from 2009.

"Rodney is a young, yet proven MLS player who again gives us great versatility with his ability to play several positions," Wilkinson said.

Now, keep in mind when I say this that I'm not doubting Wallace's ability to play decent soccer, but what the fuck is the Timbers FO doing? Dax McCarty was a gold mine for us and we trade him away for a player in the worst team in the league? Seriously?

Agh! I'll have more on this later when I write up my thoughts on the expansion draft.

[Portland Timbers]