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Timbers Acquire International Roster Slot from LA

As the season ends for most other MLS teams, the pre-season is beginning to pick up steam for the Timbers. We already reported on how the Timbers had acquired Jeremy Hall from New York for a 3rd round draft pick earlier today, now the Timbers are set to open up their purse strings a little bit by acquiring an international slot from LA.

The conditions of the deal are that LA gives up an international roster slot for the Timbers in exchange for some Allocation money. The deal is set to expire prior to the 2012 season however, so this is a single-year deal only.

What does this mean for the Timbers? Well, aside from the fact that we'll have an extra international on our team, not much. This is in no way indicative of meaning we'll get a DP, or any such high caliber player. Still, it's encouraging to see the Timbers FO jump out of the gate so quickly.

P.S. The unprotected lists are being unveiled as we speak. As soon all of the lists are available I'll post em!

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