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Surprise! Timbers Announce Widmer as Founding Partner

And I mean that "Surprise!" in a total sarcastic manner, as if anybody ever thought this wasn't going to happen.

Still it's nice to see the brewing company will continue on as a partner. I noted earlier today that Widmer was asking fans for help in naming their new bar area located behind the south goal at PGE, so this was an obvious step in that same direction.

Also, the good news here is that, when March comes around, we won't be stuck with the usual Budweiser brands that inhabit most other MLS stadiums. Those will certainly be there, but we'll also get to lavish in the refreshing Drifter, Broken Halo, and Drop Top Amber beer that has made Widmer so famous.

"We’ve been longtime fans of the Portland Timbers at Widmer Brothers, and we’re very excited to establish this partnership," said Rob Widmer. "The Timbers are a great organization, and we’re happy to continue our support."

Cheers Rob!