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Timbers Nightly News Round-Up

So, I'm going to attempt (keyword there) to do these nightly. You know, as a nice way to end the day. Kick back, see what other people are saying about our Timbers. Of curse, sometimes there simply won't be any news, or at least not much worth posting. In those situations you may have to go without this nightly recap. Sorry...

Anyway, on to today's news!

Sounders-Galaxy highlights 2011 MLS openers | Major League Soccer
How will the Timbers fare against the MLC Cup winners? makes its best prediction.

MLS Focuses Its Spotlight - USSoccerPlayers
A detailed article explaining the difference between a new MLS club like ours and "old guard" clubs like the Revolution.

Kevin Goldthwaite: Back In Portland and Ready To Win
Nice to see Goldthwaite back to don the green and white (sometimes red and white). Here's hoping he can relive some of his MLS glory days.

Timbers rev up for debut - Oregon Business
A nice article on the Timbers from an unconventional source.

And that's all for today. Kind of light... but then we can't all be superstar Timbers writers like myself. Kidding!