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Timbers Nightly News Round-Up #2

See? I told you I'd be doing this nightly. And here we are, with our second news round-up. Once again, some of these links/articles might not be directly Timbers related. Still, I feel they could be important for the development of the league or for PDX soccer in general. With that said, enjoy!

Can Women's Soccer Survive In America?
Not Portland related, but it did raise an interesting issue with the WPS. I'd be curious to know if you'd support a Portland WPS team.

Happy Holidays from the Portland Timbers
The Timbers FO has put together a nice little holiday video to share with their fans. How sweet.

Kick Off: Wenger wants MLS way, Lahoud's threat | Major League Soccer
Arsenal's Arsene Wenger endorses the MLS scheduling for football, that is a Spring-Autumn schedule.

Marcelin Excited for Portland Future But Still Remembers His Haitian Roots
A decent article looking into one of our recent D2 signings James Marcelin.

Go A-to-Z with Peter Lowry
Some small talk QA with Peter Lowry, our new attacking midfielder stolen from the Chicago Fire.