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Night News Round-Up: Slow News Day Edition!

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Well, I had planned to make my Monday a bit more exciting here on Stumptown Footy, alas it just wasn't meant to be I guess. Perhaps the Timbers FO has taken the day off, I did notice that many of the corporate towers in downtown looked quite lonely.

Anyway, seeing as there was very little Timbers news today, I've decided to just round up any news I found interesting concerning the league.

Celtic target Dwayne De Rosario is a 'bit special', says Paul Dalglish - Telegraph
Already looking to sign Ljungerberg, could the popular Scottish club be looking to snatch up TFCs singular ray of hope?

Freddie Ljungberg: I am ready to play for Celtic in Old Firm clash
The stars seem to be lining up for Ljungberg to be heading to SPL club Celtic. I never much cared for him, even when he played for Chicago.

Migration of Stars to MLS to Continue in Next Five Years
We always hear about players who would "like" to play in America. I get the feeling most are just talking the talk.

Report: Beckham in shock return to Madrid, maybe Chelsea
Will he, won't he? English paper claims Galaxy midfielder is set for European loan.

AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic interested in finishing career in MLS
Fantastic player, if not a bit dramatic. Wouldn't mind seeing him creep on over to MLS at some point, although it probably won't be to Portland.

The American Ambassador
Former USL Timbers player Troy Ready is doing amazing things in developing nation Tajikstan using soccer. A very moving article.

Discuss! Also, feel free to use this thread as a temporary "Junk Drawer" thread while we gear up to get that one going. We still need a name, after all!