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Nightly News Round-Up: DeRo vs. TFC Edition

The Timbers FO sure has been quiet these past couple days. Not leaving me with a lot to write about, unfortunately. Even our nightly news round up is becoming less and less Timbers-focused and more and more just general MLS related. But I guess that's what the off-season does. Things should pick up considerably in January. Til then, enjoy today's news!

USMNT's Benny Feilhaber Weighing Offers, None Of Them From MLS
Squash those Feilhaber to Portland rumors as it looks like he is definitely not joining the club this January. Not that I ever believed it in the first place. He is known to despise playing on field turf.

Transfer news: Aston Villa make desperate move for Omar Cummings
Interesting move. Certainly wouldn't hurt our chances come March 19th.

Report: MLS Releases Generation adidas List For 2011 SuperDraft
Strong list of players, in particular five being from Akron the 2010 College Cup winners.

MLS in contact with Celtic regarding De Rosario
Looks like De Rosario has gotten him into a bit of trouble with both his club, Toronto FC and MLS as he didn't get permission from either to begin talks with Celtic. I don't care who you are, or what club you play for, it's simply unprofessional to do such a thing.

I certainly wouldn't want to be DeRo right now.