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Nightly News Round-Up: Sorry I Missed Yesterday Edition

Where does the time go? Well, if you were me yesterday you wouldn't have any idea. Last night just kind of slipped away from me to the point where I completely forgot to post my usual nightly news update.

Anyway, we've got quite the haul tonight. Mostly not Timbers related, but still some interesting developments growing around the league. As we get closer to the season's start I'll separate Timbers and Not-Timbers news to make it easier to digest. Unfortunately, right now there's just not enough of the former to justify it.

PGE Stadium Update
Nothing really new here to report on. Construction seems to be moving along just fine.

LA Galaxy sign veteran defender Frankie Hejduk
Old? Check. Retiring soon? Check. USMNT veteran? Chec. Yep, definitely sounds like an LA Galaxy player.

Ljungberg deal sends message that MLS not far behind SPL
Rangers and Celtic aside, I'd like to think most MLS teams are better than the other Scottish Premiere League teams.

Whitecaps ready to play their cards
A nice summary on how the Whitecaps have built their team up since last summer.

WHAT IF 2010: What if the U.S. had Beaten Ghana?
What if, what if, what if. Would things really have changed so much?

Improving standard has younger Rooney keen on MLS
I'm still not sold on this kid. He was only playing in League 2, the fourth division of English soccer.

Marco Materazzi To Toronto FC?
Another aging star to MLS? I wouldn't be surprised in the least. I guess TFC could use some help though.

No Guarantee of Games for David Beckham if Tottenham Win Chase
Poor LA. It must hurt to know that your highest paid player is constantly trying to go out on loan.

Lot's of stuff going on. Enjoy!