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For Real This Time... The 2011 Portland Timber Kit [UPDATE]

UPDATE: This is confirmed as our 2011 kit. Will have more pictures as soon as they're available. The away kit comes in two shades of red, a tip to our Rose City heritage. Both look fantastic on the players.

Alright so last night's leak was almost instantly refuted by numerous tips. However, this leak comes from the Timbers own website. Here it is, in all it's glory, the 2011 Portland Timbers MLS kit:

I gotta say, I'm really digging this look. The white sleeves, the dual-green colored body. It feels very classic, but without all the gaudiness of past kits. Oh and the best part about it, no freaking collar. Hallelujah!

My  one complaint when compared to the fake leak from last night? The use of our primary crest and not our secondary... for shame.

Also note, while this isn't official just yet, it's coming from some reliable sources. We'll see for real in t-minus 2 hours.