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Four More D2 Players Signed for MLS

As has been expected since the beginning of the MLS 2011 preparation, the Timbers FO has gone ahead and signed four additional players from their 2010 roster in: midfielder Kalif Alhassan, defender Mamadou "Futty" Danso, defender Kevin Goldthwaite and midfielder James Marcelin. The former two were practically give ins based on their play time last season, the latter two weren't quite as expected but welcome, in my opinion.

Goldthwaite, in particular, seems like he might fit into our veteran role as he is already 28 years old. The others are all fairly young as the Timbers FO is wont to sign. Alhassan, in particular, is only 20 years old.

Anyway, after a lack of signing players from the Re-Entry Draft I was beginning to wonder about the overall strategy for the Timbers. However, it looks like the FO would rather place their trust in quantities alreayd known from seasons prior than players that have played elsewhere in the league. An interesting move, but not one that I'm displeased with.

Keep note that just because these players are signed doesn't necessarily mean they are first team material. The only one of these three that I can see as a consistent player is Futty, the remaining will probably end up as subs, at least until they've been able to prove themselves in MLS quality games.

[Portland Timbers]