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Re-Entry Draft List to be Released Today

Alright, so, at this point we all know what the Re-Entry Draft is, right? You know that thing that MLS players fought for during this past year's contract negotiations? Basically, if you don't know what it is, it's a way to allow for a player whose rights are still being held by an MLS team to seek a new contract with another team. Prior to this year, a player could still be "owned" by an MLS club, but not be used in any way or fashion preventing him from playing in the league... shitty, I know.

If you want to know more I suggect reading this excellent article by Jeremiah Oshan from SB Nation: Explaining the Major League Soccer Re-Entry Draft.

Anyway, today begins the first parts of the Re-Draft entry process whereby the league office will reveal a list of players available on the draft and then teams will mull through the list for the next few days figuring out who they want, if anybody.

Anyway, at this point we are just waiting on the list to be released at 2:00pm our time. From there Portland will have until next Wednesday to figure out who they want to acquire. Exciting!