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Timbers Sign Arsenal Defender Kerrea Gilbert

Kerrea Gilbert (Getty Images)
Whoa big news just landed today as the Timbers technical director has announced that they've signed 23 year old Arsenal defender Kerrea Gilbert. Kerrea will join the club, presumably, in the January transfer window as will begin training with the team on January 20th.

Here's what Gavin Wilkinson had to say:

"Kerrea is an experienced, young player who has competed at the highest levels in England. The Timbers are committed to building an athletic, talented and hard-working squad, and we feel that he will be a great fit for our organization."

This, I must say, is fantastic news. Not only are we getting a young player, but we're also getting a player who has trained with Arsenal for the past five years, and played on loan to a number of other English clubs during that period. As such he will certainly be an exciting player to look out for as we near the 2011 season.

[Portland Timbers]