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Timbers Trade Cronin and Allocation Money for DCU's Troy Perkins

Alright, I'm still a little heated so this might come off a little ranty. Keep in mind while writing this I mean no disrespect to Troy Perkins, or the DC United management. That said, I seriously feel like the Timbers just gt seriously hosed.

For those who haven't yet heard, earlier today the Timbers FO traded away our keeper Steve Cronin for veteran DC United keeper Troy Perkins. It's a move that's both surprising and infuriating as Cronin, for me at least, was seen as our keeper. Each Timbers game in 2010 he'd be there to rile up the TA and encourage us throughout the game. Was he the best? Probably not... but he was ours dammit.

This move was especially surprising because not two weeks prior Cronin helped show off our 2011 kits leaving many to believe that he would become a staple of our organization (quality depending on his first year, of course).

Turning the picture around and focusing on Perkins a bit will cast another glaring problem with this trade. Perkins was the primary keeper for DC United in 2010, a year where the team allowed a hefty 47 goals and came in last in the league. Now, I'm all for understanding that sometimes you have a bad year, or that the backline probably played a hand in Perkins' GA stats, but come on... we are going to trade our keeper away for somebody who is coming off a bad year with a bad team? How does that make any sense whatsoever?

Oh and get this, not only did we trade away Cronin, but we also gave them allocation money. So we gave them our solid keeper and money for a keeper who, let's face it, isn't exactly in the best of form coming off of 2010. Outrageous...


Again, I want to stress that I mean no disrespect to Perkins. Seriously, I'm more than willing to welcome him into our fold and support him like no other. I just wish we didn't have to sacrifice Cronin to acquire him.

Oh and for those of you who will no doubt attempt to paint Cronin as "D2 quality" that's rubbish. Cronin has proven in his loans with MLS clubs and in Open Cup matches that he is more than capable at handling MLS quality strikers.

Well, no point in dragging this on anymore. What's done is done and I'm finished ranting. I'd like to take this moment to welcome Troy to the Timbers. Gives us your best and we'll support you through and through.