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Torres Open to Transferring to MLS

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I'm sure you've heard the news by now, as it's seemingly making small waves around the US soccer news sites, but, just in case you hadn't, apparently Jose Francisco Torres, the USMNT player, has been given the "Okay" from Pachuca to begin taking offers from other clubs. When questioned about MLS, Torres was quoted as saying:
"If the opportunity presents itself and there is a good, concrete offer, of course I would enjoy playing in MLS. For now, I’m happy to be with Pachuca and I have to stay focused."
Interesting, to say the least.

Unfortunately, while I'd love to see Torres don a Timbers kit next season, I doubt he is being planned for our organization. As we all know, our FO is currently seeking a mystery player from South America who is currently playing overseas. Torres, being born in Texas and playing in Mexico, is neither of those. Additionally, both are creative midfielders so there would already be a bit crowded, especially since Torres seems to be the type of player you can build a squad around.

Still, I can't outright deny that he may come to Portland. Should whatever negotiations that the Timbers FO are fielding right now fall through, then perhaps they would turn their eye toward Torres... you know, unless another MLS team scoops him up prior. We'll see.