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Timbers Going After Best Player Possible in SuperDraft Combine

Unsurprising turn of events as the Timbers FO has come out and confirmed that they will be going after the best player available with their #2 pick. As much as we've heard about how the SuperDraft will be used to secure some attacking options, it's become clear that the mantra behind the FO is grab the best and the trade. Here's what Technical Director Gavin Wilkinson is quoted as saying:

"If we see somebody that’s phenomenal that’s just too good to pass up, then we will take the best player available. That player will obviously be of value to the organization."

Not to say that this is a bad thing, it just means that I wouldn't expect to see Salgado come over, as he is still currently developing as a player and would probably not be considered the best right now a position that most certainly belongs to either Darlington Nagbe or Perry Kitchen.

Of course, the Combine games are changing things up (that's what they're designed for) so neither of the two above players could be a lock in as the Timbers overall #2 pick as well. In a report over on OregonLive, head coach John Spencer has singled out Zarek Valentin, and Zac MacMath, as well as mentioning Kitchen's fellow Akron defender Kofi Sarkodie, each of which would be a fairly surprising pick for fans were they chosen ahead of Kitchen or Nagbe.

Still, we aren't there at the Combine we don't get to see the players train nor do we get to interact with them. All we get to witness is the three games being played (of which one is going on right now). An important part, but by no means the sole decider.

I guess the primary thing to come away from this article is that, no matter how much we know at this point, I don't believe we can safely predict who the Timbers #2 pick will be given comments by Spencer and Wilkinson. They are obviously after the player who impresses them most at the Combine and that seems to be a large group.