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Nightly News Round Up: "A Case of the Mondays" Edition

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Blech, I'm just not feeling it today/night. As much as I hate to use the saying, I seriously have a case of the "Mondays." Although it could partly be due to the copious amounts of stress this week is promising.

Anyway, as we lead up to the SuperDraft on Thursday, there'll be a lot of news coming out about this or that player. I probably won't be linking them here simply because everybody and his mother, brother and sister has an opinion it seems. I simply can't keep up with it all. Instead I'll continue to post news as it relates to the league.

Some interesting stuff today:

Fire signing midfielder Paladini
The Fire are signing former L.A. Galaxy draft pick Daniel Paladini.

Rooney Junior wants to be his own man in MLS trials
I was genuinely impressed with his play during the Combine game today. Maybe he won't be all that bad.

D.C. United Signs Defender Rodrigo Brasesco On Loan
Another South American on loan. It's worked well for LA and RSL, why not DC?

Union to announce jersey sponsor tomorrow
Any guesses? Comcast is based in Philly... That's the only company I can think of.

Los Angeles Galaxy striker Buddle signing with FC Ingolstadt
Bummer for LA, great for everybody who will be playing against LA. Buddle was a scoring machine last season.

Henry training with Arsenal during MLS offseason
Henry is classy. He is training with his former team, but fully plans to be back in late January to train with New York, unlike some other world renowned soccer stars playing in MLS.

Garber: We want to be in Miami, but...
Yeah, it ain't happening anytime soon.

This should tide you over until tomorrow, you know, provided you're at all interested in the happenings of the league and not simply the Timbers. Enjoy!